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Few artists in the city have got together to start a unique hobby club which redefines the very word ‘art’

Artist Supreeth George at the Pencil Jam Studio In Frazer TownArtist Supreeth George at the Pencil Jam Studio In Frazer Town

Wow! What a beautiful painting,
it just looks like a picture! We often find ourselves saying this whenever we spot a beautiful work of art. But do you ever sit back and think that there might be a painter (or even a writer or a dancer) in us or you simply nip the thought out of mere fear of trying something new. Believe it or not we are all bestowed with infinite talents which we seldom explore. But then there are a few 'lucky ones' who discover every domain of self expression which defines their life.

As the cliché goes- Creativity has no boundaries, and age is just a number. I totally agree to it as creativity gives you a chance to try something different from the usual monotony of life. On one such day when I was thinking to try my hands on brushing a few strokes (almost after a decade), I surfed the net to find something easy to start off with. That’s when the Pencil Jam’s website popped up and caught my attention. I was delighted to learn that  it is a club of art enthusiasts who love to turn everything around them into magical canvases.  And yes they do teach as well! My job of self exploration had just become a lot easier. Wow!

Pencil Jam is a unique drawing school which teaches 'visual thinking'. Their drawing classes are designed to make a person more perceptive, observant and attentive to the world around. Pencil Jam uses a holistic system of introducing students to the art and science of drawing. “Our philosophy of art education is quite different from that of art schools and various hobby centers across the city. Due to the way our school systems classify learning, drawing has been relegated to a tag called ‘art’. These are typically hobby classes where children paint and draw sceneries, objects etc. When the child grows up, he is forced to opt for a creative field (artist, illustrator, and writer) or everything else (doctor, engineer, etc.). This is absurd because creative thinking is not the realm of artists alone,” says artist Supreeth George, who also teaches at Pencil Jam. 

Drawing however propels a new genre of thinking to an individual as they start thinking in pictures. See the tree? That's a tree right? Nope, not really. What it is is indefinable. Its semantic definition that we have in our minds never really makes us see trees again in our lifetime. Where adults see trees, a child sees something immense, mysterious and altogether magical. It is a hideaway, a castle or at the very least - hides an awesome mystery. They really know how to see. To be a child is a moment of tremendous significance. “So the next time around don't overlook a tree and walk away, rather just take some time to admire it and maybe you can sit and draw. The more time you spend in exploring it's every nook and cranny you will  find yourself transporting more information to your brains about what you are seeing. Newer data means new neural connections. Over time these in-depth explorations will overwrite the simplistic symbols that we have been having in our mind so far,” explains George.

That is why when Pencil Jam teaches art in visual thinking techniques. Their main focus in to teach drawing and drawing techniques. “If the student then wishes to express themselves at the very least they have more tools to work with. In an example of therapy, visual thinking works very well. For example: A child with a personality disorder may often find verbal communication cumbersome, difficult or plain embarrassing. By using pictures he is able to say a lot more with a lot less effort, and quite often will find a way to cleverly communicate,” says Smitha, co-founder of Pencil Jam who thinks that as strategy we simply use visual thinking to look at problems in more ways than one. When you describe a problem in words, there are very few nodes that connect but when you see it in a picture form, however you suddenly will have deeper context.

Pencil Jam works with these implicit geniuses to turn them into Little Maestros. Masters who are able to articulate what they see. There programmes are entitled to teach children to define the object of their focus in different ways. Each module builds on the other, all through where the child learns important tactile and motor skills, observation skills and visual articulation. They also have a Weekend Drawing Club where a group of drawing enthusiasts get together every Sunday to draw namma Bengaluru in their own unique ways. So artistic!
Upcoming Workshops
April 30th to May 1st
May 7th to May 8th
Cost: Rs.2700/-
Venue: Penciljam Studio, in Frazer Town, Bangalore.
Visit www.penciljam.com for more info on workshops.

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