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Dr. Kamini Rao talks about how Endometriosis affects fertility in women

Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts is causing Infertility in 25 million women in India. Dr Kamini Rao of Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre talks about this phenomenon and how its affecting women today.

Dr. Kamini Rao of Bangalore Assisted Conception CentreDr. Kamini Rao of Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre

Endometriosis, a gynecological medical
condition by which cysts are developed mostly in pelvic cavity, is known to be affecting the lives of over 25 million women in India. There are millions more who may be ignorant about the problem, all of whom in their reproductive age. The dark brown cysts (also called as chocolate cysts), mostly found in ovaries, fallopian tube and pelvic sidewalls, and the condition Endometriosis is one of the biggest causes of infertility. About 40 percent of women who are diagnosed with Endometriosis face problems in conceiving.

Explaining about this problem Dr Kamini Rao, Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist, Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre says “Infertility is one of the leading consequences of Endometriosis. The prospect of going through a painful intercourse; Scarring or adhesions of the internal tissues and organs in the pelvic region restricting adequate movement of the egg; Imbalance of hormones – all these can lead to infertility.”

The most common symptoms are increased pain during menstruation and painful sexual intercourse. “There are many women with Endometriosis who get pregnant without any treatment at all. And there are some others who get pregnant and bear children successfully by adopting simple dietary, lifestyle changes or other complimentary therapies such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda. So it may be a combination of treatments where everything is intended towards rectifying the hormonal imbalances that may have triggered Endometriosis, or setting the structure of the reproductive organs right.” adds Dr. Rao.

She further adds, “In severe conditions of Endometriosis, a laparoscopic procedure would be needed. Since Endometriosis is a recurring medical condition, the best chance for a woman to get pregnant is within the first couple of years following treatment. Doctors prescribe medications to halt the progress of the disease. Surgery is recommended only when absolutely necessary.”

Dr. Rao says that Endometriosis can be graded as mild, moderate and severe based on laparoscopic findings of sites of involvement and size of lesion. "Patients’ age, duration of infertility and pelvic pain should be considered while deciding treatment. If pain is a concern, laparoscopic surgical treatment should be considered. Pregnancy rates by natural cycle or Ovulation induction and IUI is enhanced after laparoscopic treatment of mild, moderate and severe Endometriosis. Medical treatment of Endometriosis has no role in enhancing fertility. Be aware of Endometriosis, it is best to diagnose early, treat and conceive early in Endometriosis. Pregnancy is the best tool to win over Endometriosis." she explains.

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