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Eco-friendly fashion with 'Excel Denims'

Green fashion isn’t just for tree huggers anymore. Excel Denims made from biodegradable materials is designed to work in harmony with nature.

Sport eco-friendly denims this summerSport eco-friendly denims this summer

As the world continues to incorporate
sustainability into their lives; eco - friendly fabrics are increasingly gaining popularity. From garments to accessories, more people are appreciating the importance of green earth. Eco-friendly fabrics are not only a positive step towards saving the environment but also easy on your skin and add to the comfort factor.  With eco-friendly trends taking the centre stage, it becomes inevitable for garment makers to shift their focus towards green clothing. To accentuate the trends, Arvind Ltd. and Birla Cellulose have come together and launched a new fabric called ‘Excel Denim’. 

The fabric made of wood pulp – a natural resource which is biodegradable, is all set to revolutionize the Indian and International market. With qualities like superior strength, luster, bounce, softness and comfort, these denims will be focused exclusively at the women’s wear market.  Designers have been playing around with organic and natural fibers for years and after experimenting extensively with eco-friendly fabrics, internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Rajesh Pratap Singh, recently showcased his exclusive collection using Excel fabric. Known for his aesthetic and simple designs, he was a natural choice for the culmination of this masterpiece. 

“While experimenting with silhouettes is infinitely possible with Excel, it particularly has a unique quality of drape, evident on the more fluid structures developed for this collection,” he says. By purchasing organic clothes, you can be sure that the product was produced without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, and is not only healthy for the environment but is also healthy for you," he adds.

Talking about the features of Excel Fabrics, he says, “The fabric has high moisture absorbency and fluidity, thereby making it easily drapable, It even has high wet stability and remains fresh even after repeated wash. The clothes are made from choicest selection of wood pulp, which is a natural and renewable resource. This is made possible by a highly refined and sophisticated process after extensive Scientific Research and Development conducted at Birla Research Institute,”

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