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Food Review: Delicacies from the Mediterranean at Café Mozaic

To give you a bountiful experience of the flavors of middle eastern food, Café Mozaic at The Vivanta by Taj offers you a Mediterranean food fiesta.

Mediterranean food fiesta at Café Mozaic Mediterranean food fiesta at Café Mozaic

If you plan to visit Café Mozaic on a Friday
evening, you will be truly blown away by the choices the restaurant has to offer. With low casual seating, spectacular view of the pool and the pillar less clear-to-the sky atmosphere adds a magical feel to the whole place.  After a lot of planning on what to do on a Friday night, we decided to head to Café Mozaic to savour some of the Mediterranean delights. The restaurant wonderfully recreates the Mediterranean atmosphere replete with flavoured Sheeshas and a lavish buffet of delicacies.  It’s an ideal place to relax your senses while reveling in the delectable delights conjured specially by Executive Sous Chef Jose J Thachil .

Chef Jose creates a repertoire of traditional hot and cold Mezzeh’s complimented by carefully picked soups, main-courses and desserts, creating an awe-inspiring array of colors, flavors, textures and aromas. As we entered we were welcomed with a wonderfully concocted Syrian tea and were taken around the counter. There was a mélange of aromatic herbs, breads, vegetables and grilled dishes made to perfection with special spices. The entrees were highlighted by ever popular starters such as hummus and fattoush salads. We started off by trying the Kibbe, a delicately spiced dish made with deep fried ground lamb, cracked wheat shells and filled with pine nuts. The Cigara boregi, a paprika chicken filled crispy rolls simply opens up its subtle flavors and makes for a wonderful starter.

The Tabbouleh a popular dish from the Tripoli region served with freshly baked pita bread comes seasoned with cracked wheat, parsley salad and lime dressing. It was absolutely delightful, and is strongly recommended. The luscious Mastvakhyar, a Persian specialty of creamy yoghurt with cucumber, mint, raisins, walnuts and white sesame was simply divine. As we sipped our tea and pondered over the impressively fresh ingredients our expectations for our main courses suddenly grew.  Next on our order, was the succulently delicious Dijaj m ‘qualli, a grilled spring chicken dish cooked with preserved lemon, olives and saffron.

Preferring our meat prepared well done the Kebab meshwi, was charred to the right texture. The grilled dishes are accompanied with an assortment of marinated olives, Lebanese vegetable pickles, some excellent feta cheese and marinated artichokes.  Then came the main course, which was divinely presented and served with a bed of spaghetti, the pasta was tossed with garlic, tomatoes and herbs. The chicken Shawarma also hit the spot with a generous but not overwhelming portion.  This main course was clearly the crowning meal of the day, and what made it memorable was the unique flavour of each dish.

Although with hardly any room left in our stomach to indulge, we couldn’t help trying out the desserts. From a wide array of desserts we narrowed our choices down to the Baklava and B’stilla au lait. The Baklava made with traditional Lebanese filo and mixed nut pastries was absolutely delicious. The B’stilla au lait is a sweet puff pastry with almonds and almond cream and simple melts in your mouth. The Mediterranean cuisine includes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, starches, fresh fish and seafood. But what we must tell you is that our experience at Café Mozaic was one of the best we’ve had in years.
This Mediterranean food extravaganza is on every Friday night, 7.30 p.m. onwards at The Café Mozaic in the Vivanta by Taj, MG Rd.

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shekar May 26th, 2011 11:46 AM

The so called mediterranean food really sucks. We were a group of 14 , were there for dinner on the 13th May.
Less said the better. Most of us had serious stomach upset the next day and I was in Hospital the next day

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