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Food Review: Get touchy about your food at Touché

Started by two entrepreneurs Touché is India’s first touch table dining destination that presents a niche space blending technology, fine dining and state-of-the-art design that lets you experience the joys of great food and drinks

Touché (Pronounced as Too-shay)
is creating a lot of lot of buzz in the city and for all the right reasons. This time around Bangalore is definitely in power with the best when it comes to flaunting technology. We are the only city in India to have a state-of-art touch restaurant and what's even more exciting is that we stand fifth on the world map after USA, England, Australia, and Taiwan. So, what makes the experience at Touché unique is the new whole experience of ordering your favourite fare from the touch-menu. Wondering what a touch menu is and how it works, well hold your horses, it’s extremely simple.

Every table at the restaurant is equipped with a touch table menu which is either 32" inches or 24 inches depending on the size of the table. And one look at the huge touch menu and you can't stop your fingers from tapping. "This was something I had planned about five years ago. But then it took time for everything to fall in place. And once the plan was concrete it just took us six months to set up this place," says Jibby Mathews, co-owner of Touché.

At Touché you will be spoilt for choice and I was surprised at the number of varieties on the menu. They offer an extensive menu ranging from American, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Pan Asian, and Arabic.  The touch screen is extremely user friendly and can be rotated in 180 degrees, giving the guests a clear view from either sides of the table. So, while I was swashbuckling the screen I tapped on the Caesar salad for appetizer, Cheese and Chili Vols-Au-Vent for starters and a whole lot of other food to gorge on. And once I selected the options all I had to do was click on confirm order and guess what my order went straight to the chef in the kitchen. Sheer bliss!

This is the best part of Touché, you don’t have to hold heavy, dirty menus and browse through each page to choose your meal. Over here everything is done at just one click. The order instantly goes to the maître d' hôtel on their Samsung tablets and they immediately come to the table to confirm the order and are open to give you suggestion just in case you’re a fussy eater (like me).

So while I was exploring features like, games, quotes, and jokes etc the food made its way to my table. I started off with Caesar salad which lacked the originality and had just too much mayo (may be the chef can add his touch here) and the Cheese and Chili Vols-Au-Vent was easy to crunch on and the top was filled with cheese which made the bite even more delicious. The portions are not very large and this wouldn’t be a starter I would ideally have in afternoon. For me this would be an ideal pick in the evening with a cup of coffee.

The best part of the meal was the main course. I thoroughly relished the red Thai curry (it’s obvious because I am big fan of everything Thai) the vegetables were perfectly cooked and the curry had the right flavouring and each bite was scrumptious. After the hearty main-course it was time to try Touches’ signature dessert the Beer jelly with Ginger ice-cream. Yes! You heard it right the jelly is made of beer and has a sharp taste which lingers after every bite. The combination of ginger ice cream with beer jelly was undoubtedly the highpoint of the entire meal. Unique and definitely worth trying but then the pink colour of the ice cream might not be very appealing! However dining at Touché is an experience that you should not miss.
A meal for two will easily cost you Rs. 2, 000
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ravi kumar Sep 21st, 2011 01:16 PM


Ajay Singh Apr 08th, 2011 11:34 PM

A great place, lovely ambience, good use of technology and totally disastrous food !!!! Please... please don't waste your time there.... NOT AT ALL WORTH IT !!! Veg and Non-Veg food was horrible ! When we commented it to the MD there, he simply says "sorry, our main chef is not there since he has had an accident !"... HORRIBLE FOOD !!!!!!!

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