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Hatha Yoga is a solution for knee problems

Yoga can be of great help to people suffering from Osteoarthritis or other knee problems. Celebrity Yoga Trainer Subodh Gupta talks about how various yoga postures can improve the condition.

Hatha Yoga is highly beneficial for knee problemsHatha Yoga is highly beneficial for knee problems

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease
in which the cartilage gradually decays and fails to provide the shock absorbing padding that cushions the bones and this phenomenon has slowly been on the rise in the last few years.  Many older people suffer from this painful arthritic condition, however this knee pain is not only restricted to older people but in fact young people are also getting effected by it. The most common risk factors for knee pain is old age, obesity, knee injuries. Knee injuries can be because of hyperextension, misalignment of knee, inappropriate way of doing exercise, tight muscles or because of combination of above factors.

“Hyperextension at the knee joint occurs when the joints are overly flexible. In this case legs extend too far and move past the point of being straight. Some people may be born with this condition however most people develop it by habitually locking their knee. Knee injuries can also occur because the way we stand and walk. For example when we stand straight we need to be aware that whether our body weight is distributed properly on both feet or not. It is not very uncommon to observe that one side of heals of people shoes is wearing out more than the other side creating imbalance at the knee joint. Imbalance at knee joint also occurs because of underdeveloped inner quadriceps and strong outer quadriceps. In this case tendency of strong quadriceps is to pull the kneecap towards the outside of legs, i.e. result in imbalance,” explains Subodh Gupta, Celebrity Yoga Trainer.

Subodh believes that Yoga is excellent for increasing strength and flexibility in knees.  He says, “More and more doctors are recommending yoga to their patients who are rehabilitating after a ligament injury. The benefit with yoga is that it helps to strengthen both the inner and outer quadriceps, which helps to keep the kneecap in alignment. It strengthens the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the calves and the ankles- all fairly consistently. Strength in these areas helps to support a weak knee,”

Talking about other benefits he says that it increases the blood flow and nourishment. "As with most poses in yoga, the action of squeezing a body part, and then releasing it, sends lots of nutrient rich blood to the area that was affected in the posture. Many postures do this for the knees in yoga. When practiced with care, yoga posture can contribute to the long-term health of your knees. It is important to practice yoga with caution. Initially some yoga posture for example, padmasana and yoga style such as Ashtanga yoga from Mysore can be avoided. Yoga postures that are done incorrectly can actually injure the knee,”

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padma joshi Apr 17th, 2011 12:36 PM

my mother suffering from OA lt knee, unable to  walk was able to walk properly after taking medicines from swami hrbl company and doing pranayama.  so ayurvedic care very effective in OA treatment. 

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