Learning Science has just been made easy and fun for your kids

Imagine yourself walking in a park exploring life size models of dinosaurs, other wild animals or trees from all over the world, rare rocks and gems from across the world. All this and much more in a park near you

Sri Vani Hanumavana Science Park brings to life various science modelsSri Vani Hanumavana Science Park brings to life various science models

Set in a four and half acre campus,
the Sri Vani Hanumavana Science Park makes sure learning science is no more boring. “The place itself is an oasis of greenery. All exhibits here pertain to various aspects of study – plants, life size animal models, an open air physics lab, a geological and physical science museum, a rock garden and a biodiversity park make this an educational paradise,” says the principal Sharada Prasad of Sri Vani which is situated off Magadi Road.

Physics Was Never This Easy
If Physics is a matter of worry to your child then just spend a day with your tiny-tot and he will fall in love with the subject like never before. There are live model experiments such as the ‘Persistence of Vision’, ‘Experiments of Resonance’, ‘Conservation of Energy’, ‘The Periodic Table’, ‘The working of Levers and Pulleys’, ‘The Generation of Electricity’ and much more which have been demonstrated very well for easy learning.  “Hands-on education is the best tool in academics. The throngs of students who visit here undoubtedly exhibit a better understanding of concepts,” says Sharada.

Animal Kingdom
All children have a special place in their heart for animals – be it small, large, domesticated, wild or even extinct. Besides the models of dinosaurs, there are several fossil specimens that never fail to awe children it’s akin to holding piece of history in your hands. Taking this a step further is the Animal Gallery which has a life-like zoo of model animals. What makes this all the more unique is the inclusion of extinct animals which makes the whole experience fascinating because we see such species only in the movies and most times we just read about them in books. 

The Dhanavantri Park is a collection of more than 80 medicinal plants in every conceivable form – plants, trees, shrubs, creepers and more. The Biodiversity Park has a collection of rare trees like Sandalwood, Mappia Foetida and others. This park also has some rare plants like Rudrakshi (three-face) and Chatur-Mukhi  (four-face) varieties. You will also see the Black Bamboo, Baobab tree, the White Dammer and others. There are plants from different corners of the world like the Cannon Ball Tree and Cocoa which is a native to South America. The Orchidarium also houses a variety of orchids, ferns, anthuriums and several other ornamental and fragrant plants.

Other Attractions
At Sri Vani Science Park they have taken understanding to a completely different level. They also have a gemological display. You will amazed to sample the display of rare crystals, shells, coral, ores, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and minerals. A walk-through this display will make you feel enriched with a lot of gyan about everything rare and beautiful.

The Rock Garden displays an unbelievable 8.25ft monolith wood fossil almost 20 million years old. They also have a variety of rocks which are centuries old, such rock depicts the beauty of nature passes on from one generation to another. The natural withering of rocks, the setting of precious stones deep in their ore lodes is best seen and felt at this one-of-its-kind park. This is a mantra that is repeated across the length and breadth of the science park. The Sri Vani Science Park is a science educational tour with a difference. The facilities are free thanks to the institution who believe in making education accessible to all.
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