Let's Live Together: Finding a safe haven for homeless dogs

Lets Live Together started by Achala Paani is a charitable trust for the welfare of homeless dogs in the city.

Achala Paani, Founder of Lets Live Together with her dog GunduAchala Paani, Founder of Lets Live Together with her dog Gundu

Dogs belong in our homes and not
on the streets believes Achala Paani, founder of Let’s Live Together (LLT), a foundation which works towards adoption of stray dogs.  Most Indian civic bodies have been killing stray dogs for decades now and such programmes  only create an unstable, constantly changing, rapidly multiplying dog population. To find a solution to this growing problem Achala has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to promote the adoption of street dogs. A graphic designer from Chitrakala Parishat, Achala was recently awarded Cosmopolitan’s Fun, Fearless, Female Inspiration for her work in the field of social welfare.

Let’s Live Together has a volunteer helpline which helps to find homes for homeless pups and dogs in the city.  “Our government creates a hue and cry about dog menace but there aren't any proper shelters for them. We never take care of the animals and when they turn violent, people make an issue out of it. Stray dogs need more care and attention. And as educated people we must give due attention to the needy animals. So far we have rescued close to 1,500 dogs from the streets, nursed them to health, vaccinated them and then given them away for adoption,” says Achala who helps stray puppies to be adopted or find a foster home until something permanent comes her way.

The helpline counsels people on animal welfare, holds adoption programmes, vaccination camps, awareness programmes, and extensive rescue of animals in distress. Since inception, LLT has counselled approximately 3000 callers, rescued more than 1000 animals in distress and addressed over a dozen forums of people.  She adds, “The mere mention of ‘street dogs’ and people don’t want to do anything with them. But what they don’t realize is that the Indian dogs just need to be vaccinated once and they are quite comfortable with the climate here. In comparison to the foreign breeds, these dogs have lesser chances of being infected with disease. In short, the maintenance is quite low.”

Achala, who resides in Malleswaram lives with her three adorable dogs, Gundu, Babe, Shalley all of whom were picked up from the streets. She runs the foundation along with the help of volunteers and friends. “We organize adoption camps and rely on the funds raised by selling products like mugs, T-shirts and calendars. Around 20-30 dogs get adopted in each camp and we're planning to conduct one such camp every first Sunday of the month. Apart from this we hold exhibitions at public gatherings, events and college fests to create awareness about the cause,”
Let's Live Together is organizing an adoption camp on May 8 at Sankey Tank where you can get your dogs license from BBMP. If you want to help or volunteer contact Achala on 9986413916 or visit her blog 

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