Live and Loud with Indie band SOLDER

Bangalore has always been welcoming and open to new music talents and one such young band which aspires to be big is SOLDER.

Solder "Live And Loud" at Hard Rock CafeSolder "Live And Loud" at Hard Rock Cafe

The Indian sub-continent over the past
decade has been nestling an independent music scene, and in 2009 Bangalore gave us SOLDER. Siddarth Abraham, Mark Escottee, Akhilesh Kumar, Joel Rozario and Samson Phillip got together by forces which they now like to call destiny, and started making music almost randomly, and Bangalore saw a band that played their music “Live and Loud” and contributing their two bits to the independent music movement on India.

With a line-up at equilibrium and a defined sound, the gigs and the competitions (runners up Strawberry Fields 2009, Bangalore Winners of Yamaha Asian Beats 2010, Bangalore Winners of Channel V Launchpad 2011) kept coming and with it Solder developed a reputation of being electric, energetic and fun on stage. "The Solder show is like one big party, completely informal, with the feel good vibe, bringing the house down with funk, soul, rock and twenty-something energy," Says Siddarth. And with this passion for music and their ability to connect with their audiences, Solder started winning over fans at every gig they’ve played, and made audiences feel the vibe that they call “Live and Loud”!!

Often described as a unit of five drifters glued together by music, Solder was born with the intent of writing feel good songs, and belting them out “Live and Loud”. "Our story started when Mark Escottee and Joel Rozario, who had just disbanded a funk project they were part of, got together over a few drinks (or maybe a few more) and started talking about music, and the need to start a new music project. And before they could even realize it solder was born." he says.

They were joined by Akhilesh Kumar, a friend from University. Then one day Akhilesh got with him his kickboxing instructor Siddarth Abraham who had fronted a few bands that had their roots in classic rock to the jam room and Sid belted out whatever was written till then in his voice, the voice was awesome, the chemistry was super, and all systems were go, but they still lacked the low end or more commonly called the bass section. "This was soon solved when Joel saw Samson Phillip at a local gig and invited him over to the jam room, when he came by we got our very own agent of funk and the line-up was complete. And might we add, PERFECT," explains Siddarth.

Now with all the varied influences bouncing off each other, Solder slowly created a sound space underlined by groove and layered with vocal melodies and harmonies, accompanied by screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sounds.  With their debut album in the pipeline, SOLDER will try and re-create the “Live and Loud” vibe on record, and when it does release we can all play it on loop and smile, and make the world a happy place.
SOLDER will be performing at Hard Rock Café on May 5th, 8:30 p.m onwards.

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