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Masala dosas and filter coffee from Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan (USKB) is tucked away in the congested bylanes of Chickpet. This small but modest eatery is almost a heritage site that is famously known for its authentic Udupi food.

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan was started in 1926 Photos: Bhaktar BabuUdupi Sri Krishna Bhavan was started in 1926 Photos: Bhaktar Babu

The art of dosa making is regarded as
a tradition here and the secret to this art has been carefully passed on from one generation to the other. Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan at Balapet is an institution in itself, this 109-year-old eatery has grown over the years and is now a household name. Started in 1902 by Rama Holla and his nephew Janardhaniah, the humble eatery situated away the hustle-bustle of the city goers was initially called the Udupi Hotel. In 1926, Janadhaniah moved the restaurant to where it stands now and called it Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan (USKB).

The restaurant oozes old world charm and the aromas of fresh filter coffee and masala dosas waft from the kitchen area. Done up in a traditional Udupi style, the restaurant has minimalistic wooden furniture with black and white checkered flooring. Though the restaurant is located in an obscure part of old Bangalore, it’s the food that draws people to this place. The waiters clad in blue shirt and white dhoti go about doing their chores swiftly and most of them have worked for over 20 years at the restaurant. Aithal who has worked with the restaurant for over three decades says “I’ve seen the restaurant grow over the years and it’s like a second home for me. Most of the old-timers have retired but we train the newcomers until they master the art of dosa-making,”

They have a self-service section where you will have to place the order and get the food yourself. There’s a family room upstairs which can house about 120 people at a time. They also have a 'Special Room' for some yummy sweets after your meal. The cuisine, namely Udupi food, is a specialty of Udupi, in South India. Its uniqueness lies in its low spiciness and in how easy it is to digest. Subramanya Holla, the current proprietor, took charge of the restaurant about twenty years ago. Talking about the restaurant he says, "The business over the years has been encouraging but the only difficulty is to maintain the quality. People who come here know exactly what to expect and if it is not delivered to them they often complain. So we are constantly revamping our services to match up to the expectations of our customers."

Udupi food is relatively low-calorie, based on lentils, pulses, and coconut; it is purely vegetarian, with just a hint of spice and lots of pure vegetable flavours.  Masala Dosa, Rava Idli, Jamun and filter coffee are some of the hot favourites among the regulars who visit this restaurant but their speciality till today remains the Sagu-Masala Dosa which is highly recommended. For a mere Rs. 60 you can get a well-balanced meal consisting of rice, sambhar, rasam, vegetables, pickle, salad, curd, and buttermilk.

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan has been a trusted name for South Indian vegetarian cuisine for generations. It has kept up its standards, and never fails to satisfy when you want something that’s authentic and tasty. Since 1926, they have managed to serve Bangalore with some of its favourite food. You can find a mix of Indian delicacies in this heaven of food on earth. This is surely one of my all time favorites for long time to come.
Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan is open on weekdays from 7am-11:45am, 1:30pm-7:45pm

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan

Janardhana Buildings, 123-124, Balepet
Chickpet, Bangalore Map

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Sharing a single dosa here is a special. They call "by 2" dosa.  Good article :-)

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