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Perk up your health at NAP Figure & Fitness Boutique

Staying healthy and fit through a unique no-sweat workout and all you have to do is take a NAP for a specified time on a unique machine which provides a full body workout that is equal to several hours of rigorous exercise.

Remaining healthy in today’s stressful
high-paced lifestyle is quite a challenge. Exercise and dieting are temporary routines which most of us are unable to continue regularly and a 45 minute high-energy workout at the gym - five days a week is not really the best way to shed those extra kilos.  NAP Figure & Fitness Boutique has introduced a new concept of no-sweat workout which guarantees good health, lower stress levels and weight loss with minimum effort.  Started by entrepreneur Anuradha Agarwal, NAP breaks the myth of doing sweaty exercise routines and dieting for a healthy body and mind.

“We have a range of programs that help people make easy and healthy lifestyle changes and also improve their overall well-being. NAP Fitness is a distinct blend of motorized calisthenics infused with light nutritional support that helps to sculpt your body in the least amount of time. All you have to do is take a restful NAP for a pre-determined amount of time on a unique machine that delivers an efficient and effective full range-of-motion, complete body workout. One hour on this comfortable machine is equivalent to 7 1/2 hours of strenuous floor exercise,” explains Anuradha, who discovered this form of fitness training while vacationing in Europe.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle creates high stress levels and weight loss is vital in controlling various lifestyle diseases.  “Lifestyle diseases are the biggest problem today and although people are ready to take action, they do not know how.  At NAP our fitness tables and programs improve joint mobilization, blood circulation and better lymphatic system performance. Our imported motorized calisthenics machines are highly effective for individuals between 16 and 80 years of age.” She says.

They have also launched a Health Maintenance Program, a comprehensive package designed to prevent health disorders while helping people recover from existing health problems.   Talking about it Anuradha, says “The Health Maintenance Program focuses on physical, mental and social well being enabling people to be fit. The program includes strategies for staying healthy and focuses on digestive health, joint fitness, stress control, proper nutrition and much more. Our main aim is to transform people’s lives, by creating an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. “

NAP has a variety of personalized fitness plans to suit everyone.  The fitness centre is well equipped with luxurious fitness machines. “The programs are Ideal for all age groups and it is aimed at Post and Pre-Natal fitness also. Mothers can get back to their original shape quickly and specific areas like abs, pelvic and postural muscles are targeted to get into shape fast. Patients suffering from lifestyle disorders have also found relief with our programs,” she explains. NAP, with its holistic approach and scientifically designed health programs could well be the solution to all your problems!
The yearly membership varies from program to program and they can cost you anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 35,000. Log on to for more details.

NAP Figgure and Fitness Boutique

#817, Girija, 80Ft Road, 20th Main, 8th Block
Koramangala, Bangalore -560095 Map

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