Quirky Signs: Using a restroom was never this fun!

These toilet signs are eye-catching and yes a picture speaks a thousand words!

Each time you walk towards a restroom in a restaurant the one thing you notice is a silhouette of a man or a woman or the archaic ‘he’ or ‘she’ sign. But then there a few restaurants in the city who take their passion for art work straight to their loos. These fancy signs amuse you even while 'you are doing the deed'. One such restaurant in the city caught our fancy and we couldn't help but hop other restaurants to catch a glimpse of their imagination. And here is what we captured.

Yes a Super Man and a Wonder Woman awaits you at TGIF restroom.Yes a Super Man and a Wonder Woman awaits you at TGIF restroom. Photos: Bhaktar Babu

Thank God It’s Friday…TGIF
Feel like a Super Man and a Wonder Woman when you go to clear your bladder. Now don’t we need the powers when it calls for applying too much pressure! Uffff what a relief!! Yeah I feel like a wonder woman now!

Playful wooden dolls adorn the restroom doorPlayful wooden dolls adorn the restroom door

The restroom signs at Nandos have a funny appeal to it, something that will make you smile and dance after an extra hot Peri-Peri feel. 

Wow! Give me a high five! Oops what I did I just see?Wow! Give me a high five! Oops what I did I just see?

Take 5
OMG! Is that for real? Well well ….well now we know where the bolt goes! ;) and yes the architect has certainly gone to the hardware shops often!

Football? Well, much expectedFootball? Well, much expected

Do we even have to explain what this picture talks about? Phew!

Two for two!Two for two!
Now this is interesting.!!! We always look up to women..and yes..look down at a man!!! Sigh!

Dictionary description of male and woman!Dictionary description of a male and woman!
Rastha Café
Oh! C’mon guys do we even have so much patience to read through the whole thing when we are in a hurry to clear our bladder..maybe we will read it when we are done! Awwww!

So, the next time you use a restroom don’t ignore the signs because of the pressure building up inside you. These restroom signs will  make your experience an extremely unforgettable one! Tee-hee! Enjoy!
These are the few that we spotted in just a day's time, if you happen to see something more funkier then do mail them to us at info@mybangalore.com

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drew !!!! Apr 30th, 2011 03:59 PM

Haha !!! These are awesom !! Really kewl !

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