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Take a break at Pizza Stop

Get a slice of Italy while you're driving across the city. Pizza Stop offers a wide-variety of sumptuous Italian fare.

Head to Pizza Stop for authentic Italian fareHead to Pizza Stop for authentic Italian fare

Pizza Stop, is a small take away
joint which serves mouth-watering Italian cuisine to your surprise. After a long and tiring day, we badly needed some pick-me-up food and we couldn't think of a better place than Pizza Stop. As we gorged on the thin crust pizzas and pastas the only word we could utter throughout was ‘delectable’ and more so when we got to know that it comes from the chain of the very popular Italian restaurants ‘Italia Ristorante & Bar which serves some lip-smacking Italian gourmet to the connoisseurs. As we scanned through the menu we couldn’t conceal our excitement. (How could we, when we are a die-hard fans of everything Italian on our platter). To begin with we ordered the much loved ‘P’ fare nicely seated in the comfort of our car. This take away joint has around six varieties of starters, sixteen different kinds of pizzas, six assorted pastas along with a wide range of toppings.

After scanning through the menu we settled for Cheese Corn balls, Garlic bread with cheese (heaven) and nacho’s with a cheese dip and these were just our starters. The waiter was gaping at us but we couldn't care less and we went ahead and ordered a pasta (actually wait, we ordered two of it). The waiter finally heaved a sigh and rushed to the kitchen. And meanwhile we had a chat with the restaurateur Rushit Davda  “Our concept here is to give you a slice of Italy while you’re driving. Not everyone can come to 100ft road all the time. We have three such operational joints spread across the city,” said Davada.

The first round of food made its way to the car and we couldn't wait to try it out. The cheese balls were extremely soft and one munch into them made us all cheesy and naughty. The nachos came with melted cheese spread all over them which made for a fun bite. The thin crust pizzas were a sheer delight to our soul and the toppings were quite generous and we couldn’t stop binging on them (who cares about weight when you’re a gourmand) the spinach and cheese sauce pasta was a perfect blend of taste and aroma. It was a wholesome experience and we savoured every bit of it. The red sauce pasta was flawlessly cooked and was a great split to everything cheesy! If you are looking for a place to grab a quick and tasty bite, then simply head to Pizza Stop.
A meal for two will cost around Rs 500. To locate the nearest outlet you can log on to: or e-mail:

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