'You can never have friends in Bollywood' says Genelia D'Souza

MyBangalore.com caught up with actress Genelia D'Souza spills the beans about rumours, career and life.

Genelia D'souza at the Jewellery launch in BangaloreGenelia D'souza at the Jewellery launch in Bangalore

With every passing year Genelia D’Souza
is learning facts the hard way and has come to a conclusion that Bollywood is a big bad world of gossips and there is no way she can escape from it. “You just can’t run away from it. The more you try to go away from it the more it comes following you. I have stopped dealing with it now; a rumour is a rumour so why even bother getting into a discussion about it. And yes two people can never remain friends in Bollywood. You will always be linked,” says the defensive Genelia who is flustered about her recent write up.

Just days ago there were reports about the actress lending a shoulder to her good friend and co-star Shahid Kapoor, who is currently dealing with a bad patch in his personal life. She retorts immediately and says, “I really want to know who wrote that article and where did they see us. I and Shahid are extremely good friends, we get along extremely well and we never indulge in each other’s personal space.”  Well this report has definitely irked the Bollywood damsel but she chooses not to think too much about it as she has better things to focus on. As we all know that Genelia is definitely one of those very few actresses to have tried acting in all the film industries. “I am glad I started off that way. I feel sorry for other actress who have not benefited from such a exposure. It has definitely worked well  for me and it’s been a great learning experience as it gave me enough opportunity to grow,”

She adds, “Also it keeps me well connected and I have never restricted myself from any genre of films. I would rather be a book than a page,” says the actress who finds it extremely difficult to choose her favourite film industry and gives us a politically correct answer, “It’s cinema at large and I enjoy every film I do and language can never be a barrier.” 

Be it a film or a role Genelia believes in giving it her hundred percent. And since she works in films from all regions, the lass is practically working round the clock. “Acting was a dream for me and it still remains the same. I just wish to do better films, work with great people and co-stars. And exactly after three years I have four film releases and each film would be in a different language. I am really looking forward to this year,” she says who just shed her ‘bubbly girl’ image for her recent release Urumi.

The actress underwent a rigorous training in Kalaripayattu and horse training. “Well those were just the physical aspects of it. The character demanded a serious role and I barely smiled in the film which was something very difficult for me. Because people associate me with my ‘smile’,” she smirks. Apart from acting, she also endorses a variety of brands and also lends her support for noble causes. “It just gives me a lot of confidence when I am endorsing a brand as it caters to very different audience. To be the link between the product and the consumer gives me a great high."

She further adds, "And issues like education are very close to me. I continued studying even after I became an actress, it is extremely important for every individual to at least have basic education. And when people are young they can do a lot to support such important issues. I would never say ‘no’ to support any cause,” says Genelia who was in the city to launch a Platinum jewellery line for Joyalukkas. “I personally love Platinum jewellery. I don’t really dress over-the-top, so it perfectly complements my every day wear,” she said who loves a splash of colour during the sunny days.

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karishma Apr 30th, 2011 06:58 PM

so inocent r u

Tirth Raj Chauhan Apr 28th, 2011 10:08 AM

Innocent Persons are always loving......

mantesh Apr 26th, 2011 11:29 PM

jeni is honey she's all films see'ing i love geni by a fan

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