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Daddy’s Deli! For Parsi food

Tucked away in Indiranagar’s 12th main at the Executive Inn is a simple little restaurant that serves you authentic Parsi food. Served with attention care, giving you the feeling that you’ve gone to visit friends for a meal.

Nozer and Zarine Dogra run Daddy’s Deli. A bespoke Parsi restaurant that opened service in October 2008 from Indirangar’s 12th Main. The service is from The Executive Inn, a simple and neat serviced apartment, which the couple run as well. The ambience is simple, yet extremely clean with small personal effects that make the place feel like home. Stepping into Daddy’s Deli on an exceptionally hot Bangalore day, we ordered a nice Fresh Lime Water and a pot of well brewed refreshing black tea, which was served to us in charming, pretty china.

In the meanwhile after placing the order, we chatted to Zarine about how they came to start the Daddy’s Deli. The Daroga’s originally ran the Waikiki sandwiches and subs in Mumbai, after which they moved to Bangalore. 

The Menu at Daddy’s Deli is simple but authentic when it comes to the flavours and taste. The Dogra’s are very particular about the masalas and their chef has had a long association with their family. With service open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the owners were careful to plan the Menu, while keeping in mind quality and fare people who are new to Parsi food, would enjoy tucking into as well. 

For starters we ordered the Cocktail kababs, that were little flavorful mutton delights. For the main course we ordered “papte par eeda”, which is a baked eggs on a bed of potato chips; no Parsi meal is complete without eggs. In fact eggs are considered almost auspicious for Parsi’s and most special occasions begin with the breaking of an egg, sometimes even on the head! With the “papeta par eeda”, (which literally translates into eggs on potatoes) we ordered the all time favourite “patra ni macchi”, (which means fish in leaves). We ate these with lovely light home made chapathis which are rationally called “rotlis.” The “patra ni macchi is fish that is marinated in a flvaourful green paste made from greenchiilis, coriander and mint with coconut, wrapped in banana leaf, tied with a thread and steamed. When we were served the fish and after savouring its flavours my only complaint was that I should have been given the satisfaction of unwrapping the steaming fish myself as I took in the aroma; its half the satisfaction of eating the “patra ni macchi!”

After this we followed the meal with “Dhansak”, which is a Parsi specialty and is a masala dal cooked with pieces of mutton and served with a brown rice garnished with friend onions. 

We topped of the meal with divine servings of the “Lagan-nu-custar”, a Parsi version of the all the favourite Caramel custard; along with this we tried the exceptionally creamy mango kulfi and a rich chocolate mousse.

Daddy’s Deli also has brain cutlets, “Sali murghi” which is a chicken curry with potato chips, and “khichri keemo” a yellow rice served with spicy flavoruful minced mutton. 

The food is delicious; service is only on weekends Friday and Saturday the service is open for lunch and dinner and Sunday’s its only a Lunch affair. So it would make sense to make a reservation before you got there. 

For reservations Call Zarine Dogra on 98440 02692 and 98440 11237

Daddys Deli, The Executive Inn

3289, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage
Indiranagar, Bangalore -560008 Map

080 4115 4372

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nomadicrider May 17th, 2010 05:08 PM

loved the brain cutlets we had last time....

Sameer Jan 16th, 2010 01:15 PM

Have been there multiple times and have enjoyed myself immensely. The experience of eating in a home converted into the restaurant, the great home cooked food and the attention given by the staff makes it a great place.

urvashi Sep 22nd, 2009 12:09 AM

they cook all the food hours in advance. and microwave it!
a friend of mine asks her, aren't these rotlis fresh? they don't taste fresh. she replies of course they are, they were just made two hours ago! and i just microwaved them too!
disgusting. so much for fresh home food. and at prices like olive beach. i'll never go back. why not just go to olive. they probably make fresh food.

Dhruv Dhody May 23rd, 2009 09:56 PM

I went for lunch, it was just great!!!! LOVED IT! x

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