Auto Drivers taking you for a ride? Know the rules

If you are in Bangalore you are bound to have had skirmish with auto drivers. MyBangalore give you some solutions and tips, straight from the authorities that empower you to combat being harrowed by auto driver.

It’s a hot day and Raghu is sweating profusely as he walks almost half a kilometer to the auto stand, on Infantry Road. Hoping to get an auto, to BTM Layout, he calls for the nearest one; the driver refuses to go. He asks the second one, and quite expectedly, he, too, refuses to go. With not much of an option available, Raghu walks further to catch a running auto, and he finds one. Just as he keeps his shopping bags inside the auto, the driver tells him the fare: “One-an-half saar,” says the driver. Does this ring a bell? Well, for an average commuter, in the city, problems relating to auto fare, auto drivers refusing to go to certain places, tampering with the meter and so forth are only some of the situations commuters face on a day-to-day basis.  

Are there any rules?
Rules are in place, but commuters know little about the rights they have. With the increase in auto menace, and the auto drivers refusing to drive to a particular location, the Bangalore Traffic Police has taken certain initiatives to curb the situation. We, at MyBangalore, spoke to Sajjad Khan, Traffic Police Adminstrator, who took us through some of the very basic guidelines that every driver involved in a public transport has to follow. “There are many schedules under the motor vehicles act, minus the Karnataka Police Act, that have to be followed by us. It’s important that general commuters also know about it, so that they can take the necessary action when required,” said Mr. Khan. But do the drivers not know about it? “Unfortunately, not all of them. There are problems in the system. Many of these drivers get the license through different means, and then, there are different agencies that help them get the license. Hence, when it’s been done this way, there is little possibility that the driver would know about the rules that’s in place in the system.”  

No Right to Refuse!
Every state in the country has some of their own clauses that entitles a driver (indulged in a public transport system) to get certain privileges, which, more often than not, are manipulated by the drivers themselves. “An auto driver is not supposed to refuse a passenger. It’s, by law, mandatory that he goes wherever the commuter has asked for. If he fails to comply by this rule, he can be imposed with a penalty,” said Mr. Khan. But are the necessary actions really taken by the authorities? “Well, the complaint has to reach us for that,” laughs the man. “Most of the commuters don’t like to aggravate the matter, or even go to the Police Station to lodge a complaint, for they think it’s a waste of time. We are helpless that way. It has to be understood by the commuters that the only situation to curb the situation is raising their voice against the offenders, and helping us to find them. There is a rule in place, and we will do what is meant to be done.” 

Use power of filing a Complaint
Leafing through the pages of the complaint book, Mr. Khan adds: “We get a lot of these complaints – some are e mailed while others have been couriered; we take the necessary action.” Of all the complaints received, an intimation is being sent to the concern Police Station, and the inspector is asked to report to us in three working days. According to him, every time a driver asks for more fare, a commuter can go to the near by Police Station and lodge a complaint. If the inspector refuses to take a complaint against the offender, the immediate senior can be informed about the same. “In our system, there is a hierarchy that has to be followed. A commuter can always approach the Assistant Commissioner of Police, or the Deputy Commissioner of Police, or the Additional Commissioner of Police. If that’s too long a process, he can simply write to us or phone us. And we will take the necessary action,” explains Mr Khan. 

According to the Rule Book
  • An auto has to go wherever a commuter demands. 
  • One-and-a-half meter can be charged only between 10 pm and 12 am. 
  • Double-meter can be charged between 12 midnight and 5 am. 
A commuter will need some of these details for the complaint to be filed. 
  • Driving license number
  • Auto registration number
  • Date and time of the offense
  • Nature of the complaint  
 For more details, log on to, 

For complaints, one can either call:
Central Traffic Control Room: +91-80 2294 3663, 
Easy Auto, a Private Enterprise and an initiative by the State Government. Easy Auto not only takes the complaint, but also if one if looking for an auto if unable to find transport.. 
Easy Auto: +91 9844 11 2233 
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pragadeesh Jan 03rd, 2012 12:48 PM loads pigeon website? 

Sudhi Jan 03rd, 2012 12:46 PM

I have been and bought up in Bangalore but I haven't seen police fining Auto divers for violating traffic rules in public like they do it for 2 and 4 wheelers.
I  feel bad for it.

Amlan Jan 03rd, 2012 12:13 PM

what to do with the corrupt police, they refuse to log a complaint or else they will also demand a bribe... Dec 07th, 2011 10:18 PM

I lost my bag today in an auto rickshaw. It was a black Nike bag, and it contained several important things, such as my college books and my cell phone. I do not remember the auto number, or the driver's name. I was getting off at BTM Layout, at around 9 pm. This is desperately important

Vasanth Chandra Nov 15th, 2011 11:25 PM

on 8th Nov, 2011, at Malleswaram Cross, at about 6pm,opposite Big bazar, we took auto KA 02 AB 1854. We agreed for his demand of Rs 30/- instead of meter. But on getting to destination, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, he demanded Rs. 40/, which we refused. He then became very abusive and misbehaved and tended to be violent , when we threatened to report him to police.I have never seen such a rude, hostile and threatening auto driver in over 40 years of my experiance in Bangalore.
Driver be taught to behave gentlemanly, to say the least  

kiroshi Nov 09th, 2011 11:20 PM

autos are waste! just a stupid sh*t loads cumin out of thr rotten cunts..!! all i can say is '' public shud stop using autos and use buses'' 

siddupm Oct 30th, 2011 08:35 PM

Dear friends, On 29th Oct-11 I took an auto from K.R.Road, near Umamaheshwari temple, Banashankari 2nd stage at 7 pm. I kept my black color medium size bag near kicker of the auto (near Auto driver's foot). I got down from the auto near Thribhuvan Talkies and one of my friends continue in the same auto to KSRTC bus stand. In that bag I kept 3 pair of cloths, 2 T shirts, Belt, other things and cloths. Unfortunately I didn't notice the auto number and driver's details. It is completely my negligence, there is no fault by the Auto driver. Please help to find my bag and contact to below No. 
Mob: 9844323287

rm Oct 18th, 2011 09:09 PM

Auto Number KA 04 9979. This auto driver charged Rs 30/- for less than 0.5Km. He agreed to drop me from Parthana school Uttrahali till Kumaraswamy layout Water Tank for Rs 20/-. Since it was getting dark I agreed to pay him Rs20/-. As  I did not have change I gave him a hundred rupee note and he took Rs 30/-. When I asked him to return another 10 Rupees he started arguing with me and when I told him I will complain against him he challenged me to do so and also threatened me. He also did not have a ID/license display. I want this auto driver to be punished for cheating and misbehaving with a women. 

edward Sep 29th, 2011 10:45 PM

please come on facebook, the best way to protest against these bastards, police are really useless people, they too just know to hurt innocent public not these auto cheaters, put your complaints on facebook and make a chain, than we only do something, whoever are with me come we will do the change, I also given calls to police but they have not revert back.

Vinod Sep 26th, 2011 05:37 PM

On 20.9.2011 while I was travelling  towards Bangalore from Tumkur when my car (KL 07BE 2964) reached at Yeshwantpur junction opposite of Eicher Spares store at 3.30 PM an Auto rickshaw overtaken my vehicle from left and suddnly stopped in front of my car and due to which front portion of my car slightly hit at the back of Auto Rikshaw bearing KA 5 series numbger and immediately the Autodriver came out of his vehicle and after seeing the Kerala Registration Number of my car started shouting in Kannada language and started hitting at the windows of my car and in panick when I am taking reverse the back side hit the front side of a Taxi bearing registration number KA 51 8198 and both taxi driver and auto drivers came out and started hitting the car. When I opened the door they tired to snatch the key of the car vehicle which I took immediately and kept safte in the Pant pocket. Then the Taxi dirver and auto diriver hit me in the face and pulled me out and showed bad words and fould language and vulgars in Kannada.Auto driver demanded Rs.200/-initially and whereas Taxi fellow demanded Rs. 3000/- and told the Auto Driver to enhacve the demand to Rs.1000/- and when I sought what damage happened to their vehicle they started hitting me pushing and pulling of my hands from bioth sides and caught the collars of my shirt and picked a stone and started hitting the window of the car. similarly they hit me on the head and threated with burning of the petrol tank of the car. So many bye-standers assembled and but I did not got any help from any body. When further attack was on the anvil  I was forced to pay Rs.1000/- to Auto Driver and rs.2200/- to Taxi Driver. Bangalore Police may kindly tame action against the rowdy auto drivers and car driver who is spoinling the peaceful atmosphere of Bangalore whih is inhabited by several Indians from other states.  

kumar gaurav Sep 25th, 2011 04:09 PM

These auto drivers r bloody criminals. Even police r supporting them. These bloody people r worst people in India.

Thalman Sep 14th, 2011 11:39 AM

My name is Thalman Thilak. I am a localite and I am a resident of Chandra Layout. I work as a Software Engineer for a private company. 
I have got so many worst experience with the auto drivers all these days. But I am penning down my problem as this has reached heights. 
This morning, as I had an urgent meeting, I had to take an auto from Nayandanahalli to PES college. Eventhough it was not too far, I had to hire an auto because of my urgency. It was @ 9AM. The driver demanded 30 Rupees once he started the auto. I asked him why is it so as its not even a minimum distance. By that time he was just 10 foot ahead. He turned back to me and abused me saying "Tika muchkondu kodod kali." and he says they don't accept minimum fare early morning (9AM). When I refused to pay him and tried to get down of the auto, he started abusing my parents and did not allow me to get down. He asked me to pay 30Rs (For 100 foot) and get down. He held my bag and started abusing. Also, in spite of  his scoldings and giving double the fare, I had to wait for 10 min (I could have walked in this time) for him to get his fuel tank filled. Finally, had to give 30Rs as he demanded. Now what we call this - Rowdism, Corruption - If so, I am corrupt now for giving him the money he asked...?
Auto Details : 
Driver Name : RAJU
Auto # : KA 04 - A 9089
The other details I could make note from his driver license was 2971/0607(I guess its the license number)
and the other is police # or something 79713/06
I really want someone to take some action on this. This is not happening at one place to one person. This is the common problem with all the Bangaloreans and need this to be sorted out. I will be waiting for a reply. Failing which, I will have to take this print out and head to the media.
Thalman Thilak

pukar jee Sep 10th, 2011 07:19 PM

is there any action taken on autowala when a complaint is registered ??

Anthony das Sep 03rd, 2011 10:26 PM

Hi, i am Anthony from Jayamahal extn and want to bring the fact that i got assaulted by an auto driver bearing auto number KA 01 AA 1011 . I wanted to take auto near metro Yeshwanthpur to jayamahal on 3rd september at 8.45pm. The auto bearing registration no KA 01 AA 1011 was coming from peenya side stopped at my signal, i told him to drop me and even take one and half charge for Jayamahal for which he denied. Since i was with my mother in law and wife i asked him for the reason not coming for which he becomes rude and threatened me to kill me, insulted me and shouted at me in foul language. Please take action on the auto driver teach him a lesson so that no other passenger will face this kind of insult in future. Anthony das

sindhu Aug 24th, 2011 06:14 PM

i want to lodge a complaint against an auto driver whose auto number is KA05 AC 1928.He chose a longer way and kept on asking me about the route ,by that he wanted to know whether i am aware of those roads or not which i am unaware of as i am new to banglore,then he took the longest way possible and dropped me,by then meter charge was almost thrice the usual one and the foul mouthed driver started quarreling with me when i told him that he is cheating me.Please take some action against them,some times these incidents makes us feel ashamed of being Indian.  

Sreenvas Aug 09th, 2011 01:34 PM

I request the traffic police or any other responsible concerned officer to make the auto drivers of K R pura and Ramamurthynagar to run the autos using the meters. Generally they park the autos in 'stands' and whenever a commuter approaches them they demand unreasonably high fare and do not agree to use the meter. They will never agree to come to the commuters requested place.This is very irritating during peak hours especially for school and college going children and office going people. 
Now K R Pura and Ramamurthynagar come under BBMP area why these great auto drivers should not use the meters and agree to come where commuters want to go.

BLRien Jul 17th, 2011 09:46 PM

Friends ,
OMG , by any chance if u r in MG road and wanted to go any location , u r gone case, u will see possible cases like
1) 200 Rs some random amount which will be more than double at any time
2) 20 Rs extra Sir !!!
3) Verabal Argument
4) Some abusive langauage 
5) taunting on you 
My humble request to all reader and commutor that
1)  dont pay extra money to any auto wala 
2) dont fight with any buddy , since they may harm you doesnt matter if u r BLRian or outsiders
3) always look for digital metere
You dont be what they are ....we have to accept that they are asking/doing all this coz some of us has allowed them to do so ... be safe

green May 17th, 2011 07:45 PM

Bangalore auto drivers are really frustrated and unbelieveable with their attitude and misery. One of their kind will never get peace with bucks for their boastness and corruptness. Well all of them are LOSERS and about complaining....there should be immediate reaction and action.Bangalore image is already getting dull anf gloomy.

shivanna Apr 06th, 2011 05:08 PM

Actualy, most of autodrivers come from impoverished backgrounds and often resort to criminal acts to earn fast bucks. Myself even being a local do faced trouble. These rowdy drivers esp target passengers who luk modest and try to shell more out of them. I v found them highly active in the IT corridor of the city lyk whitefld, kormangla etc. The traffic police is also hand in glove wd these rowdy drivers cos they get their daily quota of bribe. What is required that people stop boarding these autos and better use buses for few days. This would definitely teach them a long lasting lesson.

Raghu Mar 24th, 2011 02:55 PM

Auto with the registration number KA02 B8434 and another one with the DL number 2806/07/08 have tampered meters, they show 50% higher fare than the normal ones...
Anyone taking action on them?

Preeti Jan 08th, 2011 10:03 AM

Today I was travelling from Domlur to HSR layout with my aged parents. We took the auto no KA-02 4900.  At First, he took the longer route and after indicating his wrong turns he started behaving rudely.
He stopped at one of the lonely place and forced us to get down.We told him that we will get down at our place only but all along the way he kept on shouting. He also misbehaved with my parents and used foul langauges. Being a lady and encountering this type of incident first time shooked me from within. He told that this is my palce and we rule in bangalore. You people belong to north india and not required here. We paid the full fare but still his barkings did not stop. 
I dont understand who is he, to tell like this and this kind of incidents will lead to division amongst people.
This kind of auto walas should be banned and thier driving license barred then only we can have a better Bangalooro to show to other peoples.
This set a very bad example infront of my parents who came here for tirth yatra and will have a very negative impression of our lively city Bangalooro.  
Please take strict against this auto wala. His auto rickshaw no is KA-02 4900, driver name is Riyaz Pasha, DL no is 3420/90. 

Khushbu Jan 02nd, 2011 02:00 PM

I called the number of Traffic control room and he gave me 3 different numbers. Nither of them worked. If even police doesnt want to lodge a complaint and support the auto walas then please do not fool the public. My request to Bangalore traffic police is stop fooling if you cannot take any action against any autowala.. not even can take a complaint.. 

Praveen Dec 21st, 2010 06:41 AM

Can I get photos of all the Auto drivers??

ashok Nov 23rd, 2010 10:38 AM

No more refusals... No more tampered meters...
Call EASY AUTO @ 9844112233 for an HONEST AUTO DRIVER right at your door steps.
No more extra charges or arguments
Presently available in bangalore and pune
And don't forget to pass it on...

ashok Nov 19th, 2010 10:57 AM

No more refusals... No more tampered meters...
Call EASY AUTO @ 9844112233 for an HONEST AUTO DRIVER right at your door step..
Its similar to a call taxi and the autos are fitted with GPS.
And you don't have to pay extra or argue any more.

uchal patel Nov 12th, 2010 03:53 PM

  want to register a complaint against auto driver of auto number  KA03 – 7125
The incident happened at 10:00AM 6/november/2010.
when am travelling from kanaka nagar to kavalbisandra in a auto when i reach the meter showing 24rs but the auto driver ask me to pay 40rs. the reson is i having my lagguage (its only one cloth bag) he was rasied on me and i have to give the money.
Please do somthing persons like this plzzzzzzzz

nidhi Oct 29th, 2010 08:51 AM

I want to register a complaint against auto driver of auto number  KA03 – 7125
Badge number 762.
The incident happened at 7:50 AM 29/October/2010.
I boarded the Auto from Hennur main road (opposite police station) to go to Manyata Tech Park.
I had clearly told him to drop me outside the gate of tech park as auto is not allowed inside.
He agreed to take me and he put down the meter. 
When Auto reached Thanisandra junction, I told him to take service lane to reach Manyata Tech Park.
He refused and said that he will go straight on ring road and come back from Nagavara junction to reach the tech park.
I told him that’s unnecessary taking longer route and wasting my time, besides all transportation (public or private) takes service lane to reach the Tech park 

Frustrated Sep 29th, 2010 12:10 AM

These auto drivers are lazy idiots.. they don't work hard, seen many auto drivers chatting and wasting time.... the only way they can earn is by cheating people by asking more. Request the transport department to stop giving the license to the lazy idiots and increase more bus facilities , in that way the traffic can also be controlled. 

Abhi Sep 17th, 2010 05:29 PM

Any authority reading this blog or only ppl who suffer from Autowalas and can't do anything apart from complaining? I had a really bad experience with Auto today but not sure posting the story here will be of any help..  :(

frustrated passener Sep 07th, 2010 02:26 PM

I am seeing all these stuffs from last 15 years. Nothing going to change here. This will continue untill they start cancelling auto as private and make it as government and start the tickets system.

Frustrated_passenger Aug 31st, 2010 09:25 PM

It was 7:15 p.m in the evening. I was waiting for my friend's car in front of the IBC Knowledge park, Bannerghatta road. I saw two other guys waiting for the auto. They did not know Kannada. They were asking for shoppers stop and drivers were demanding Rs 50. BTM is only 3-3.5 km. An auto rickshaw driver parked his auto after he denied them to ply to the destination. On seeing them approaching another auto, and knowing that they did not know the local language, he started abusing them in Kannada with foul words telling "you earn so much money and why they can't pay them". He also called up few other auto drivers to pick up a fight with those two guys. FInally the two guys got frustrated and left the place walking without speaking  a word or reacting to that abusive driver. Not sure what is happening to Bangalore. These auto drivers not only demand more but abuse the commuters for no reason and try to pick up unnecessary fights by forming association.
Wish someday we finally see a change which is unlikely!

varun Aug 20th, 2010 11:08 AM

i have lost my bag in auto from malleshwaram 15 th cross Bangalore on 20-aug-2010 at 09:15 AM,,i dont knw the auto number ,but i remenber only the name of auto driver,His name is DASHRATH KUMAR
  Inside the bag--
1-Kodak digital camera cell charger
3-mobile charger
4- 8 clothes
5- bag colour is SILVER BLACK
i want to ask you one thing how i can get my luggage ,i am in a big problem due to this ,so please help me how i can get back my bag please give me the solution 

Geethanjali Aug 15th, 2010 08:47 PM

The situation is worser day by day...It is very shame to think of the positon of public with the auto menace.It was night 8:00 Am. As i was new to HSR , i did not know the distance of my destination but i know it is wthin 2 km.I had to take auto, they demanded RS 40.When i questioned them they spokme very hgarshly , It was really annoying.. How will these cheats will be punished? I am sure these greedy men has to be punished by god properly..... 

jyothi Aug 14th, 2010 05:58 PM

almost all the autodrivers lack the basic courtesy towards passengers nd start fighting if their 'terms' are not accepted.they have no soul inside them .d one particular thing i have noticed s their most fav phrase " change illa madam".. sometimes they start quarrelin nd don even understand wat they r sayin, jus to get rid of them we pay the amount they 'say'. i think they are gettin more money than a multinational company executive's salary. i hope the next generation would not say " i want to be a autorickshaw walla mamma"!!!

Nitin Jul 25th, 2010 11:44 AM

A hike of 17/- Rs now.  Before we used to shell out Rs. 15/- though the minmum charge was 14/- as the auto driver will not change.
Now the demand for the drivers was Rs 20/- and Government agreed for 17/- what does this mean.
Who is benefitted. Auto drivers or citizens.  Either way we will paying Rs 20 as the auto drivers will not have Rs. 3 change with them.  Then we give them, hundreds reason and bad words will be used.
The most important will be : will you get an auto after the hike for small distance travel for meter charge or it will still be the odd bargain between the commuter and auto driver

Yesterday we were leaving for dinner at around 9 pm and had to take a U turn in front of SPAR Market, Bannerghatta road, near diary circle, Bangalore. When we were taking the U turn suddenly an Auto Rickshaw tried to overtake us from the left on the U turn and banged into us. We drove our car towards the side of the road, and while doing this, the auto driver parked his auto in front of our car and then 3 auto drivers from the same auto came and started fighting. They staged this accident and started fighting with us to get money from us.
First they tried to snatch the car key, some how we avoided this from happening. then they tried to beat my friend who was driving the car, they used abusive language, and when we asked what happened to your auto show us, they said the auto had a patient and now its gone to a hospital to drop the patient.
So they literally staged this accident, removed the auto from the scene and we did not get a chance to even note down the auto number to do a formal police complaint.
Now came the worse part they started demanding Rs 8000 or else they threatened to smash our car, one of the auto driver picked up bricks from the footpath and was about to smash our car. My friends had to literally pull the driver back to avoid him doing this and we had to resort to negotiation with these bastards.
When we said we will go to police, they said they are also happy to go to them because they will be able to claim insurance to get their auto repaired. Now this is why they removed the auto from the accident place, so that if we go to the police they can show some other badly damaged auto to claim insurance.
Not only this they threatened us that they will follow us and get more auto drivers to beat us up. One auto driver even threatened to kill our kids.
While all of this was happening in the middle of the busy Bannerghatta road, for around 30 minutes, none of the public came for our help. Public were simply sitting in their vehicles and honking badly.
Finally the bastards wanted 5000 Rs for settlement else they will smash our car and leave the place as if nothing happened. we were helpless and had to cough up the money. we finally ended up paying money to these fellows.
Moral of the story is. There are criminal auto drivers in bangalore, not only do the auto drivers cheat innocent public, but also cheat people driving other vehicles. I have been cheated 8/10 times by auto drivers in terms of fare. And I have stopped using autos all together.
My friend now keeps pepper spray in the car so that he can use it when confronted by criminal auto drivers.

suraj Jul 13th, 2010 10:55 AM

I Dont understand what the government and police is up to worst ppl. they all need is just money money money they doesn't want to work. All bangalore people are really pissed off with the auto guys and BMTC drivers they are only rowdies we can see only few ppl who are good. these auto guys and BMTC buses never follow any traffric rules nor they give respect to customers. Traffice police and government should take some steps to control this 1st drivers should be trained how to drive in the city they drive the bus like they r in highway. and they stop where they want in middle of the road u know how is the traffic problem in Bangalore.the same problem we have auto guys 2 worst ppl after cops. Dont know to whom this complain will do to i will pray to god to go to the right person.  Traffice police is there to loot money from public they are good not nothing shame on there parts. worst then animals.

triveni Jul 06th, 2010 10:56 AM

is this all of any use ????

a_tired_passenger Jun 29th, 2010 12:39 AM

Auto driver's guide on how to greet passengers:
1.  Saar alli barolla alli traffic jaasti irutte
2.  Saar alli bandre vapas yaaru barolla
3.  Saar male barta ide, alli yaaru barthare
4.  Saar alli hodre full suttaki kondu barbeku, neevu kodo meter duddu petrol ge ne aagutte
5.  Finally Saar ellige barbeku, alli ellige barbeku, alli elli, ok aa cirlce hattira elli, Rs50 aagutte saar - this is for a place which is just 2 Km
6.  Early morning 6pm - double meter aagutte
7.  At 9am - barolla, bejjan traffic
8.  At 12pm - mane kade hogta iddini so barolla
9.  At 3pm - some how with great difficulty aytu banni as if doing a big favor to passenger
10. At 5pm - Meter mele Rs10 - Rs15 kodi
11.  At 7pm - 1 and half aagutte
12.  At 10pm - double meter aagutte
13.  At MG Road - minimum rate Rs150
14.  At Magestic - minimum rate Rs50
Please add this list if you come across any new innovative tricks from auto drivers
--- from a tired auto passenger ---

Jeet Jun 22nd, 2010 02:53 PM

Believe me I tried to complain twice. The guy only spoke in Kanada and refused to listen to me.Now Mr. minister tell me how should we complain? Or I need to learn Kanada first to complain????

Debalina Jun 10th, 2010 02:38 PM

I agree that the auto rickshaw menace is much less here, as compared to Chennai, but please note if this continues, we are heading towards a situation as that in Chennai, only difference is that, in Chennai, buses are extremely frequent and the city is well connected and Bangalore has long way to go on that... 

Kranti May 25th, 2010 12:25 PM

Once, I took an auto from Forum to Electronics City. The auto driver said to go with the Meter, and when he dropped me at Electronics City, he demanded 1.5 times. After a short quarrel, I stopped a police man and to my surprise, the police asked me to pay 1.5 times. :(
What can the public do when police also doesn't take the proper action. 

Yogi May 14th, 2010 02:18 PM

Police are also to be blamed for this.. Once I was standing outside bangalore central and waiting for a rick.. and next to me was a policeman in white uniform.. The rickshawala asked for double meter frm blr central to kempfort... When complained to the police.. he said.. if u want to go pay him.. or go walking..SHAME ON U BLR POLICE

Sam May 08th, 2010 10:45 AM

Its a shame that the police passes the entire blame to the commuter not complaining , whereas we have witnesses many a times the traffic constable posted at signals , railway stations etc. taking bribe from Auto drivers for their want to violate the rules .Xequinox I think 90% people will agree with you . Transport minister Sir , pl. raise your traffic cops salaries so that they dont resort to such pity acts and bring shame to the city . 

Yoiii May 07th, 2010 01:26 PM

This calls for far more stricter rules, and implementation:
For instance - 
1 a bike cop should approach the incident spot within 5 mins
2 newspapers should carry mug shots of 5 faltering drivers daily
3 Also auto driver license suspension for 3 years, if a complaint is filed. 
4 Abolish auto union 

Xequinox May 07th, 2010 06:16 AM

I don't think people don't report it as they consider it a waste of time but more so because the police are as corrupt as the auto driver(s) in question.
You may refute this claim as vehemently as you want but that is quite the truth.

Ajay May 07th, 2010 05:06 AM

How can you expect us to get both the Driving license number and the Auto registration number in time? The driver will drive away by the time we get both the numbers. We would only be able to make a note of the number plate.

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