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Barista Lavazza's wave of fresh new tastes with 'Tropical Delights'

This summer, Barista Lavazza transports you to an island of joy, where the beverages are indulgent, the flavours natural and the experience completely refreshing

Barista Lavazza launches an all new summer menu. A range of cold coffees, fruity concoctions, classic mojitos, smoothies & shakes, iced teas and sundaes, to help send the summer heat packing. Lychee Iced tea, Pomegranate Mojitos, Irish Caramel Frappes, Guava Smoothies there’s something for everyone to chill out with.  
Speaking about the launch, Mr. Saurabh Swarup, Head Marketing & Product Development, Barista Coffee Company Ltd. said, “Barista Lavazza being an experiential brand, our focus has always been to provide a differentiated offering to our guests and enhance their experience with product innovation. This summer we have launched a range of highly refreshing beverages with a great blend of international flavours that is specially designed to suit India palette.  

With loads of natural and premium flavours like Pomegranate, Lychee, Irish, Strawberry the menu has a range of exciting cold coffees, fruity concoctions, classic mojitos, smoothies, shakes, iced teas and delicious sundaes.” 
The ‘Tropical Delights’ range is available at all Barista Lavazza outlets (Timings: 10 am to 11 pm), and is priced at Rs. 69 plus taxes onwards. 

Cold Coffee  
Black Forest Blast- Rich cold coffee blended with chocolate chip muffin, dark cherries and ice cream, topped with cream and muffin crumble 
Irish Blast- Rich cold coffee blended with smooth Irish cream and crème brulee flavour, topped with a dollop of whipped cream 
Irish Caramel Frappe- Rich cold coffee smoothly blended with ice cream and delicious Irish cream flavour, topped with caramel & whipped cream 

Hot Coffee 
Cappuccino Duet- A doubly delicious cappuccino combining the buttery notes of pecan nuts with crème brulee flavour 
Latte Duet- A lip-smacking latte combining the buttery notes of pecan nuts with crème brulee flavour
Café  Irish- Native to Ireland, this coffee delicately layers espresso, with an irresistible combination of Irish cream and caramel flavours. 
Café  Blossom- Freshly brewed espresso enhanced with triple sec – an aromatic orange flavour 

Smoothies n Shakes 
Loaded Lychee Smoothie- Tons of lychee pulp blended into a fresh, creamy smoothie 
Guava Goodness Smoothie- A thoroughly refreshing smoothie made with guava juice and ice cream 
Muffin Shake- A thick shake blended with almond muffins and toffee flavour 
Hazelnut Cold Chocolate- Refreshing cold chocolate with the flavour of roasted hazelnut 
Iced Teas 
Moroccan Mint- A refreshing healthy green iced tea flavoured with mint 
Pomegranate Pop- A delightful green iced tea flavoured with pomegranate 
Lychee Love- An aromatic green iced tea flavoured with lychee pulp 
Classic Mojito 
Classic Mojito- Muddled fresh lime and mint topped with crushed ice and soda 
Pomegranate Mojito- Fresh lime and mint muddled with pomegranate flavour and topped with soda 
Strawberry Mojito- Fresh lime and mint muddled with strawberry pulp and topped with soda 
Ginger & Green Tea- A cooling combination of green tea and ginger ice cream 
Fruit Sundae- Medley of tropical fruits with a choice of ice cream - vanilla, melon or tutti fruity 
Affogato- Espresso poured over ice cream finished with a topping of your choice – chocolate, hazelnut or orange 

Fruit Infusions 
Lemon Lime Twist- A caffeine free infusion combining the zesty flavours of lime, lemon and lemon grass 
Blackcurrant Blush- A caffeine free infusion of blackcurrants bursting with anti-oxidants and pure flavour 
Orange Spice- A caffeine free infusion of orange, clove, ginger and cinnamon packed with vitamin C   

Barista Lavazza was established in February 2000 by Barista Coffee Company Limited, to recreate the ambience and experience of the typical Italian neighborhood Espresso Bars in India. Barista Lavazza aims to provide a comfortable place for people to relax and unwind over a cup of coffee. Barista Lavazza has also been voted ‘Superbrand’ three years in succession. 
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