Candid Moments With Nicole Faria

She has always been open-minded about life and believes that there is no short cut to success. In an interview with, Nicole Faria talks about love, life and much more!

Nicole working it for the camera Photograph: Nishal LamaNicole working it for the camera Photograph: Nishal Lama

A student of Sophia High School in Bangalore
, she grew up with a fascination to make it big in B-town some day. Her first ramp show was when she was just 15-years-old, and that was when the journey to the world of modeling began for this young dusky beauty – Nicole Faria. 

At just the age of 20, Nicole is the Pantaloons Miss India Earth, and now she waits for the international pageant in December, later this year. A strong believer of Karma, Nicole feels that education is the answer to all the problems in India. While at home, she is often seen helping her grand mom who runs an NGO, Prema Jyoti Trust. “I want to make education available to all the children living in this country, for education is the most important thing for a decent living for anybody,” said Nicole.

Nicole Faria in an  interview with, reveals some of the secrets of her life, and her expectations in days to come. Extracts from the interview:  
Modeling as a career: 
I was always fascinated with movies; I loved seeing all the actors on the silver screen. Even as a growing kid, I would be fascinated to see how these actors got so much of attention from people around. So, I always wanted to be in one of their shoes, wanting to be acting in movies. I was reluctant to walk in ramp shows then, but when Prasad Bidapa offered me some assignment; reluctant initially, but I was convinced to take it up later. I was 15 years old then, and the journey continues.  
Pantaloons Miss India:
It’s a journey as I said. When I was modeling here, I wanted to win the South India Pageant, and then I aimed for the Miss India title. So, when I am the Miss India Earth now, my next aim is to win the international pageant.  
Having being part of many shows, I have learnt a lot, made mistakes but learn something new. I have been a part of big shows like Colombo Fashion Week, Delhi Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week and so forth.  
Nicole, as an actor
I am open to be working in movies, as that has been my fascination, even as a kid (laughs). But I am not contemplating on anything on those lines at this point of time. Everything can wait till December; that’s when the international pageant is. After that, for sure.
Your kind of movies 
I have been getting offers from B-town, and I am not taking up any projects now. I don’t want to do a lot of things at the same time. I guess, movies, and everything else can wait, till as time I get over with the international pageant this December.
Nicole Faria Photograph: Nishal LamaNicole Faria Photograph: Nishal Lama

The other side of Nicole
One thing that many people don’t know about me is that I am a believer of Karma. I believe in honesty, and feel that ones deeds are reflected in the kind of treatment they do to others.  
The big-bad world of glamour
I have been lucky with a lot of things in my life. People have never tried exploiting me, neither have I done anything that I will have regret about someday. Modeling has always been a very professional career for me.  
Importance of Money 
Nothing succeeds like success; nothing fails like failure. Money attracts money. So, be smart to save. Ever since I got my first assignment, back when I was just 15-years-old, I have been sensibly spending my money. But more than anything, it’s the work that has kept me going. I moved to Delhi a few months ago, and soon will be shifting to Mumbai.  
Love and life
I like to take things the way they come in life. It’s important that you are honest, for life is a journey, and you never know what’s yet to unfold in your life. So, I like to live my life for the moment.
So far as love is concern, well, I love a lot of people around me, especially the kids (laughs), but, haven’t really found somebody who can be called that special one. I guess, I have been so engrossed with my life all this while that I have felt the need to be in love, but I do believe in love, and feel that understanding is the base of all relationships.  
Miss India Earth
More than winning the title, being in it, and having undergone the rigorous training for the pageant have taught me a lot of things. Today, I am confident that I can face anything in life. I guess the feeling is obvious. We were the taught and trained my the best in the profession, which has made me a different person altogether. Today, I don’t talk, eat, or dress the same way. Everything has changed in my life. Of course, winning the title was something different. I wake up in the morning, and I know I am a different person today.  
Your fitness regime 

Dancing and gyms. I love working out. I love to dance as well. Anything that has drums and some good beats and get me moving. I am also a belly dancer. Dancing, I think, can be a good form of exercise for anybody.  
Nicole Faria, up-close Photograph: Nishal LamaNicole Faria, up-close Photograph: Nishal Lama

Quick Q’s:

Your favorite actors
Johnny Depp (Hollywood) and Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood)
 One from the above two:
Johnny Depp
Bangalore or Mumbai

Sex or Sin
Hmmm; both are three letter words (laughs)
One night stand

No. I don’t believe in it.  
Your favorite Indian designer
Manish Malhotra  

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