Indian Ruminations: E-Magazine for Indian Writers

Traditionally, the work of Indian writers has been undervalued because of the lack of platform to showcase their skills. But now a group of English writers from across India have launched an e-journal - Indian Ruminations to promote Indian authors.

Indian writers have always struggled to get their works published. Top priority has always been given to non Indian writers in the publishing world. But now a group of English writers from across India have launched an e-magazine that will help budding writers find a platform to showcase their works.

The E-Magazine titled ‘Indian Ruminations’, was launched a week ago, this e-journal is a platform for un-established English writer to showcase their works.  “Around 45 members from various states, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Delhi have registered in it, says Sandhya S N, one of the chief editors.

”This e-journal was started because there are many English writers in India who do not get recognition they deserve and a platform for creative expression, though many are highly talented and creative also we felt the need to promote Indian writers. There are several good writers whose work has gone unnoticed because they didn’t have the right platform,” adds Sandhya.

‘Indian Ruminations’ has writer-members ranging from schoolchildren to scientists, who manage to find time for creative writing amidst their research and experiments. The writers' community also comprises civil servants, job aspirants and home makers. All forms of creative writing like poems, short stories, articles, interviews and book reviews can be put on it.

”Those who want to publish their writings can visit our magazine and click the option 'submission' and upload the article after giving sufficient personal details. Or they can post it to,” Said Sandhya.

Chief Editors Sandhya S N and Prof J T Jayasingh edit and upload all contents posted, which are updated monthly. Indian Ruminations also plans to provide space for Indian-born painters to display their paintings in the near future.

”An art gallery for painters is also under plans. It will surely be an easy way for Indian painters to exhibit their works before global viewers and art critics,” Said Sandhya.

As a social networking site, the e-magazine provides discussion forums to debate various issues of public interest and to register their opinion. Comments of readers on contents published can also be registered below that, the editors said.

Geographical and cultural diversity of writers are reflected on selection of topics and writing styles, Sandhya said. “Our writers are from different locations of India, so naturally the diversity will be reflected in the writings as well,” 

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Priyanka Sharma Dec 28th, 2010 06:37 PM

Respected sir,
i m a young writer..................there r many ideas stories in my mind........they make me feel like if i introduce them wid this world of ours only thn my mind ll bcm stable..............plz tell me frm where i should start dis journey of mine.......i want 2 write 4 dis world accdg 2 wat i think abt it.........
A normal human being wid a abnormal passion 4 writing

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