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Dream Analysis: Dreams reveal much more than you realise

Dreams are extremely significant to an individual and to analyse them is even more important.

Dreams are a threshold to the world beyond
the ordinary. Dreams make us reckon that life is beautiful. Dreams are an elixir of life as it facilitates a range of emotions which we otherwise wouldn’t acknowledge. “A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read” says The Talmud.

But how often do we interpret our dreams? Do you wake up each morning trying to recall the dreams that kept you company all through your slumber? According to Dream Analyst Indira Bhangar, “Dreams are very efficient as they address multiple issues relating to a particular dream. Dreams often help us predict the future; they point out personality flaws (or credits) and help us solve a current problem.”

Some dreams are worthy of repeated analysis, which help us interpret the hidden message from the dream and how it is correlated to our current life situation. “It is important to understand the concept of dreams because they are often deep-rooted,” says Bhangar.  We bring you a low down on types of dreams and how a dream analysis can change the very course of your life and make it better.

What is dream analysis?
The unconscious mind does it’s thinking through dreams using the
language of symbols, images and events. Therefore dreams need to be
analyzed to find the symbolic meaning and purpose with relevance to past, present or future events.

Why is it important to analyze dreams?

“Dreams are the royal road to the subconscious.” During the dream state, the subconscious becomes predominant and all the suppressed desires, fears and deep-rooted impressions are actively expressed. Dreams can serve as guides to the inner self, to relationships, health and career growth, thus making it important to pay heed to dreams and their analysis.

Do all dreams need analyzing or only some?

Most of the dreams have an inherent message, so analysis could be
useful. Significant dreams are the ones from which strong emotions like anger, fear, joy, anxiety emerges and people generally remember only these kinds of dreams.
There are straight forward dreams which are a recall of our day today happenings. And not everything in those dreams is significant. But then there are deep rooted dreams which need attention as they are a voice of our sub conscious mind. 

What are the different types of dreams?
The most significant dreams are:
1) Recurring
2) Nightmares
3) Anxiety
4) Sexual
5) Pre-monitions

What are Pre-Monitions?

You see an event before it has actually manifested in reality.

What are the most common dreams?
People often dream of snakes, water, and falling from heights. There are recurring dreams which needs immediate attention.

What are the steps in dream analyzing?

People often say that they don’t dream. So, firstly we make them accept the fact and help them recall their dreams. It has a lot to do with feelings that an individual encounters while dreaming a particular instance. And by using the scientific language of thoughts, symbols, images and events we analyze the dreams.

What kind of patients have come to you and what do their dreams mean? Give us a few examples.
They normally came under stress and tension. They came with all kinds
of dreams. To quote a few common themes, they were about animals, fear, exams, water etc.

1) I dream of lions and tigers. Like I am walking on the road and I see them next to me. Even though I am scared, I never let them realize that, nor do I run away from them.
Analysis: These animals represent both sides of our nature. We can be
wild as well as mild. It reflects that the person is able to stay in relationships even though they are potentially threatening in powerful ways, and is able to adjust to them in the journey of life. As this could be a cause of undue stress the person was advised some relaxation exercises.

2) I often see just before starting of exam or an interview I am not prepared or that the questions are out of the syllabus, or that I have lost my admit card or interview letter or will miss the train or bus.
Analysis: This reflects a carefree and a careless attitude. The significant message here is to wake up to realities, preparing carefully for important events and situations to come. It also shows the tendency to lose potential opportunities causing the undue tension and stress.

3) Whenever I close my eyes, I just see a lot of vehicles colliding with each other
Analysis: It is a warning to be extremely careful. It clearly states that the individual is extremely pre-occupied. The person doesn’t know which directions to take and is often confused. It indicates a fear from the past.

Is dream analysis done in groups or individually?
It is done individually as well as in groups.
One session with Indira Bhangar will cost you Rs 500/-.
For further information you can email her at

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