Fashion Blog: The new age Fashion Police are here to stay

Duo Priyanka and Payal have taken the fashion world by a storm with their one-of-its-kind fashion blog

They have the power to virtually arrest you,
when warranted, without a warrant. Their records are never erased. Geneva Convention? What is that? They are a law unto themselves. They are on a mission to ensure that every celeb in the nation dresses up to the nines and never ever go wrong, after all we all love to dress up the Bollywood way. They are unafraid to call a spade a spade, as they carry no favours. And the celebs indeed have to put their best foot forward with an appropriate wardrobe to please them, lest they incur their wrath. May be the list of not-so-well dressed celebrities can pick up their fashion sensibilities from HHC. What say, maybe they even need to change their stylist asap and do a quick style check!

But when suitably impressed, they make them the toast of their 'Fashion Ville'. They stamp their fashion passport and ensure there stay only wishing that they give only fabulous appearance henceforth. They are none other than the Indian Fashion Police's most vocal Strike Force. They are Priyanka Prasad and Payal Parija, of the high end fashion blog (HHC).

One evening the BFFs got together over martini and were soon involved in heartwarming conversations about their only favourite subject ‘Fashion’.  Yes, this is the only topic that keeps the duo together on the forefront. Every day they post pictures of Bollywood celebrities, giving us their verdict on whether the celebs have made it to the ‘league’ of good or ‘not so good’ title.

And believe us they are darn good at it. While Payal loves watching movies, Priyanka simply loves turning pages of tome after tome. They also enjoy art, music and travelling, but what rules their lives is HHC indefinitely!  They are one helluva mysterious lot, they hate being photographed or even being interviewed. All they ever say in return is, “Like we mentioned, we aren't the celebs. It’s not about us, It’s about the stars and we love being like that, 'mysterious',” winks Payal. Below are the excerpts from the interview:

1) How did the idea of starting a fashion blog strike to you?
Seriously we can’t remember how the idea of the blog came about; maybe we were high on martinis! The concept just stemmed from our passion for it. Fashion constitutes our world. And most of our talks always revolve around fashion. We would often discuss the fashion panorama of Bollywood and we realized that nothing really has been done about the desi-centric fashion scene in our country. And since we are bloggers it gave us a niche to capitalize the Indian fashion scene online.

2) What was ruining in your mind when you designed the bald lady logo?
We actually stumbled upon the design and knew that was it. And it was perfect for our blog and we couldn't have asked for more had we actually set out to design it ourselves. The blog is for the woman who appreciates a classic ‘lbd’ (a symbol of timeless chic), for the woman who can carry off the fieriness of a high heel (a symbol of indisputable sensuality) and for the woman who dares to defy convention, even if it means going bald. Because when it comes to personal style, not everyone wears their hearts on their sleeves being slaves to fashion pundits. And for that woman, High Heel Confidential is an essential style file.

3) And once the idea was conceptualized, who was the first celebrity to be featured on HHC??
The first celebrity to make her mark on HHC was Bebo (Kareena Kapoor).

4) How do keep a track of the brands that celebs wear, it must be an arduous task?
I can’t say it’s arduous, because it’s something we thoroughly enjoy.  It just gets difficult on 'slow news' days. Those are the days when we find it difficult to spot celebs for the portal. As far as keeping a track of sporting celebrities wearing a particular label-let's just say that we spend a lot of quality time doing our research. 

5) Do you both agree to most of the things that go on the blog in terms of liking a certain picture or a dress or a particular look?
More often than not we are on the same page but being that fashion is subjective, we are bound to disagree on some days. And it’s a very minuscule thing we often appease to one’s choice.

6) How do you source the pictures?
We buy them from Viral Bhayani who works day and night to get us the latest events as soon as they happen. And he is amazing at it.   

7) When celebs are pin pointed on a forum like this do they ever come back and question you, because we are sure a lot of them follow your blog?
Not really most of them go through the website and think it’s cool. And when they do spot their picture with a not-so-nice comment they just take it in good humour. 

8) Why do celebrities dress up so badly (most of the time)?
Coz' they are yet to bookmark as a favorite! 

9) What's your personal fashion quotient and define fashion?
I prefer to keep things simple. My mantra is to have one outstanding accessory which is backed with a stellar team of supporting cast will just make you look gorgeous. As for the second part of your question- Fashion is what you make it out to be. At the end of the day, one's got to be comfortable in their skin and have a voice.

10) Which Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity is the best and the worst dressed?
Everyone has their off days but the ones we always look forward to seeing include (but not limited to) Kalyani Chawla, Sonam Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Priya Kishore and Kiran Rao.

11) What are your future plans?
Make the blog big. Really, really big…
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