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Food Review: Casa Raviera is worth revering

From grilled cottage cheese to chicken parmigiana you can definitely find your solace at the new continental address in our city

The already bustling Cunningham road now has something new to look forward too. The latest eating joint Casa Raviera is certainly a one stop for everything that you love to munch (Yummy Continental). The word casa signifies the Continental Cuisine and Raviera, well now this one is interesting, the restaurant has been set up by restaurateur Ravi Obero,i who shares the story behind the name, “We were narrowing down on the name when someone just said Raviera which stands for (Ravi+era) and we all instantly agreed.”

Nestled in one of the most upscale locality, Casa Raviera is in the same building where Casa Picola earlier used to be. The place is relatively confined in space but bright and colourful ambiance make up for it nevertheless. Miniature stain glass paintings adorn the walls all around the space.

We glanced through the menu and stopped ourselves at the soup section and couldn’t help ourselves from ordering the Cream Coriander Soup which was delicious and and the fresh aroma of coriander soothed our throat. Soon our taste buds were rolling in flavours and we were ready to try the mains. The choice was Corn and Mushroom Florentine which had interesting amalgam of baby corn, spinach and mushroom which was cooked in a cream sauce and was baked with a layer of mash potatoes. And it undoubtedly looked as great as it sounded and it was served with a portion of garlic bread too. But we were a tad disappointed though it looked appealing it lacked the flavour and taste.

We then went on to try the Ala-King, a type of pasta which was served in penne mixed with vegetables tossed in cream sauce. The pasta looked very inviting but then we were again disappointed with the way it tasted. The vegetables and penne were perfectly cooked but then it lacked the basic flavor of white sauce pasta. The lack of salt just added to our woes. But what won us over was the Paneer and Veg Platter which was an assortment of paneer, bell peppers, onions, mushroom tossed in fiery cheese sauce. It instantly palpitated our bland taste buds again. The cottage cheese could have been a little softer but then no complaints here.

The Veg and Mushroom Fricassee tossed in paprika sauce was a perfect ten on ten. The fricassee complemented the rice extremely well and was a great way to end the mains. And we couldn't wait to try the desserts, we tried their signature Chocolate Marble Cake with vanilla ice-cream which was extremely scrumptious and indeed a must have. The marble cake dipped in chocolate sauce was a wicked bite which made us chasm on it till the end. You should try the chocolate Bust to just know what it is! Divine is the word we 'uttered'.


A meal for two will approximately cost you around Rs. 500

Casa Raviera: Ground floor, Westminster, 13, Cunningham road, Bangalore

Casa Raviera

Ground floor, Westminster, 13,
Cunningham road
Cunningham Road, Bangalore Map

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Sanjay Sachdeva Jun 18th, 2011 12:58 PM

All the Best for your venture Ravi and hope as the name says is all it is start of the RAVI ERA....Great going

Prarthana May 13th, 2011 01:22 PM

Can't wait to visit this place n dig in. Thanks for review :)

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