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In Pictures: Delicious sweetmeats and savouries at Gundappa's Hotel

Gundappa's Hotel is a well known name among the localites in Bangalore and they offer a wide range of traditional sweets and spicy crispies.

Delicious sweetmeats and savouries at Gundappa's HotelDelicious sweetmeats and savouries at Gundappa's Hotel

Situated in the narrow bylanes of Nagarthpet
, Gundappa’s Hotel is an old fashioned sweet shop where you can still buy your sweets weighed out into a bag. You can find your favourites to bring back memories of yesteryear. With over 25 varieties of sweets and khara savouries, you always will find something to indulge in. The restaurants in Bangalore offer a whole lot of lip-smacking and delicious foods and there are numerous options for the post dining indulgence. But one eatery that holds a very special place in most Bangaloreans heart is Gundappa’s Hotel which serves an array of mouth-watering sweets.

Set up in 1932 by H S Gundanna, it was initially known as Ram Vilas Sweets, but is fondly referred as Gundappa’s Hotel. This eatery is small and modest and has wooden interiors, huge mirrors on the walls and a photograph of the founder hanging on the wall. Here over six generations have purveyed delectable sweets and spicy savouries to some of the famous names in Bangalore. The eatery which is currently managed by Gundanna's two sons - H G Srikanth and H G Ranganath sells some of the best sweets in Bangalore. The place is famous for its Mysore pak, carrot halwa, damrot and other specialties. The original mode and style of preparing sweets still remains the same and that's what draws people to this place.

This eatery does not offer anything other than snacks and sweetmeats. This joint has been popular for a very long time and is frequented by a lot of old-timers, office goers and college students. The sweets and savouries are prepared freshly every single day and the recipes have been drawn from all corners of Karnataka. Made scrupulously with the finest ingredients these sweets and savouries carry the hallmark of Gundappa’s Hotel.

It is one of the few places in the city that serves quality sweets at affordable prices. You can dig into a wide range of delicacies like gulab jamun, badushah, rasmalai, dudh pedas and traditional spicy crispies like chakkali, nipattu, mixtures and chips. Oh, but the best of them all has to be the khara boondi topped with hot badam milk. It simply melts in your mouth! The sweets are exquisite in taste and the succulent chandrahara and the gooey damrot is simply to die-for.

The management has done an excellent job of maintaining the standards here and the secret of Gundappa’s Hotel staying power is due to its rigid adherence to tradition. “We haven’t introduced any new sweetmeat in the list of existing sweets but we are extremely careful about what goes into the preparation of the delicacies. It is due to the quality and finesse in the making of the sweets that we have such a loyal customer base.'' says Srikanth. Gundappa’s Hotel has also forayed into ready-to-eat mixes and has a range of Rava Idli, Rasam and Sambar powders which is very popular and disappears off the shelves by afternoon. So head to Gundappa's and indulge your sweet-tooth!
The sweets priced anywhere between Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 a kg, spicy savouries start from Rs. 90 a kg. Gundappa's is at 14, OTC Road, Nagarthpet. Ph: 2222055. Business hours are from noon to 8 p.m.

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