In Pictures: Kitschy hand-painted flip flops for your feet

Posted by Prinahata  |  23. May 2011

An artist just needs a medium to express
his flamboyant creativity. This was precisely the case for Bangalore based Graphic designer and Illustrator Jayesh Sivan who blends his artistic sensibility with new age graphic styles to create something that is incredibly fabulous.  As an illustrator, he is always discovering new canvases to showcase his vivid imagination. And used coffee cups are his eternal favourite!

“Whenever I had coffee in the paper cups, I would loathe discarding them into the bins. One day I was just randomly looking at the cup and made an impromptu  illustration which became my favourite past time,” reminisces Jayesh whose latest line of Funky Flip Flops are a rage among the city girls.

On a balmy afternoon, Jayesh was sauntering on the city streets when the colourful chappals hanging in the petty shops caught his fancy. “I am a sucker for bright colours. I love everything that is loud and bold. And when I saw these flip flops, I thought that they would be a great medium to express and I bought two pairs of foot wears that day,” he recalls, who does acrylic art work on the otherwise ordinary looking flip flops. 

He sat through the evening hand painting the flip flops which became one of his best artistic voyage. The flip flops are bright and peppy, they are full of quirky designs which will lift up your mood incessantly. The effervescent designs are a representation of the artists travel inspirations. “And when I started designing on them it brought out the long-lost ideas and memories of the places I traveled to. It just came pouring out,” says Jayesh, who also finds his brainwave from music, flowers, leafs, trees - oh yes! He loves Mother Earth. 

As a Graphic Designer, he blends his life with everything around him with design, illustrations, paintings, photography and traveling. “And when I'm not juggling design projects, I like to read and treasure moments with my family,” he says with a sparkling smile.
The Funky Flip Flop are  available at Yellow Button, and is priced at Rs. 500/-

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