Just Look see the magic in the trees around you

Just Look see the magic in the trees around you is a book that promotes trees in a new and interesting way. The author takes you through 22 species of common trees and opens up fascinating stories about them.

Admire the beauty of the natureAdmire the beauty of the nature

“We have no time to stand and stare.” wrote poet William H Davies. He was obviously lamenting about how with busy lives, most of us failed to stop and admire the beauty that nature has to offer. There is so much that we take for granted, especially the trees around us which are an integral part of our surroundings. We tend to ignore their significance and their magnificence just because we are too busy living life in the fast lane. Trees are everywhere, but how often do we stop and think about what they give us or look at the beauty of their shapes and the patterns they make? Almost never is an answer that most would say. In order to change this notion and help people realize the beauty that they are missing out on, author Sadhana Ramchander set out to write the book ’Just Look see the magic in the trees around you’

“The book is meant to sensitize people of all ages to the beauty of trees, and to nature in general. In the race for the next generation of gadgets, people, especially in urban areas, have forgotten the joys that nature offers. My book is simply to remind them of this.” She says.  The book meant for children and adults alike brings to life the captivating world of 22 common trees seen around us. It opens up a fascinating world of trees that not many of us are even aware of. The book is intricately detailed and beautifully put together. Sadhana combines key botanical tree information with intriguing stories and anecdotes to make it a thoroughly readable book.” Every tree, and every walk amidst trees is fascinating, and I have put in all the amazement I found, into the book.” explains Sadhana.

Sadhana found her inspiration for the book while conducting a gardening and nature-awareness class for children at a school in Hyderabad. “One of the activities was a tree walk where we take the children around the school and show them the 25-odd varieties of trees that are in the school. Whenever we had this activity, I felt a need to show the children pictures of the trees. So I started taking photos of common trees, to show them to the children. Over the years, my photo collection grew. Being an editor and designer of books, I started putting a book together during breaks from my regular work, and this is the result.” she recalls.

Bangalore which once used to boast of indigenous trees is slowly losing its greenery due to rapid urbanization and unplanned development. And sadly there’s not much being done about the fast depleting green cover and consequent biodiversity. Ruing about it, Sadhana says, “It makes me very sad and angry. But those of us who are sensitive to this should fight, speak out, and never lose hope. Most importantly, we should sensitize children to this issue. They are our only hope and our only messengers”

With this book, she hopes that people would ‘just look up’ and be conscious of the green around them. “The more the number of sensitive people around, the better for the cause of nature. From the initial reactions to my book, people have already started looking at trees with new interest.” she adds.  The book also has a beautifully worded foreword by Bittu Sahgal, the editor of Sanctuary Asia, who points that trees are not just 'things' but a form of life itself. This book is a must read not just for any conservationist or admirer of trees, but simply you and me!
Book: Just Look see the magic in the trees around you
Author: Sadhana Ramchander
Publisher: Bluepencil Infodesign
Price: Rs.175
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kseetharam Jun 16th, 2011 07:34 AM

It is not just a book . It is an experience

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