"Ragini MMS barely has any skin show," says Kainaz Motivala

We caught up with debutante Kainaz Motivala to talk about her forthcoming release - the much hyped Ragini MMS.

Kainaz Motivala of Ragini MMSKainaz Motivala of Ragini MMS

The very word MMS rings a bell
in our minds for more reasons than we can recall. And if a flick is titled with a suffix like that than it is bound to make you even more inquisitive about what's really in it. But then if this is what will draw you to the theaters then be prepared to be disappointed, warns the protagonist Kainaz Motivala of Ragini MMS. “This film barely has any skin show and nudity. It’s all just hyped up,” she states.

Her Acting Debut
‘Kainaz’ whose name in Persian means a princess' crown never really thought that she would become an actress someday in her life, it all happened to her by chance. “Acting was something I would always stay away from. I had never ever done any of it at school or college. The only time I would ever come on stage would be for my dance shows.  I have been trained under Shiamak for six years and stage performances would just bring me ‘alive’ and acting in a film just does the same thing to me,” she says who has done cameo roles in movies like Paatshala and Wake Up Sid.

Keeping It Real
But with Ragini MMS the petite lass is basking in contentment of having a perfect launch pad in the big bad world of Bollywood. “It’s a very women centric film and to be a part of such a film is great for any new comer.  It has a very powerful storyline and I have given my 200% to the film,” states the actress who has worked very hard to get into the character Ragini.  “We did undergo a rigorous 20 days workshop, where they would switch off the lights and play scary music in the background and do everything possible to scare us, so that we can come out with our best expressions. The whole agenda was to train us in expressing ourselves better in the realm of fear and not to be too loud,” says Kaniza who thinks that the film is not a regular pop-corn flick.

The Reel Ragini

The reel Ragini is someone most of us fall prey to in a 3G generation like ours. Kainaz feels that, “MMS’s are ruling the roost and Ragini is a simple, smart and an educated girl. She has just passed out of college and the only fault of hers is that she is smitten by her boyfriend of nine months and fails to see who he really is. There are a lot of girls like her who just trust love blindly,” says the young actress who is happy not to have fallen for such boys.

Her Fictional Side

Before she took up acting Kainaz worked as a journalist in a fashion magazine but writing fiction was never her cup of tea. “I was called for the shoot of the cover page of ‘Urban Shots’ and Ahmed just put a thought in my mind and said, “Why don’t you write one of the story’ and that day when I was driving back home the idea struck to me and when I started weaving the story I was transported to a completely different world. I was completely immersed in it. It was extremely therapeutic,” says the actress who would love to write another piece of fiction, considering she can take out time from Bollywood. Don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon!
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KANSAS May 05th, 2011 05:41 PM

WOW ................ waiting to see u on screen soon

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