Rex Cinema flaunts a 3D

The theatre offers a never before experience launching Christie’s dual projector 3D system

Rex Theatre, Brigade Road will now have Christie’s dual projector 3D system for a clear and richer movie experience. This would be a new innovation different from the commonly used single projection systems in other cinemas. This inventive movie experience is launched to cash on the 3D movies that have become a fad in the movie industry and speak good business. 

The interiors of the theatre have also got a makeover with new, comfy seats, lobbies and ticket counters. The tickets are affordable too and will not see a sudden hike due to the new look. The 3D show will cost you Rs 200 on weekends and 2D will cost you Rs.170.Online ticket booking facilities are available at and

Rex Authorities plan to open a multiplex into a mall sometime next year. Bad news for all you single theatre lovers. Rex Theater is named after Paul Rex an Englishman who built it during World War II. Bought in an auction in 1963 by the Kapoors it was the first to screen bilingual movies

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