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Spa Review: A facial bliss at Green Trends Salon

At Green Trends Hair and Style Salon, you will be treated with the goodness of saffron like never before!

How does a saffron facial sound to you?
A saffron facial, did I hear that right? Yes! I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get myself pampered with the goodness of saffron.  And soon I was behind my wheels and took off thinking how will a facial with the most expensive spice in the world be like. While I was driving, I was thinking to myself about the alluring red-gold threads which have been used for thousands of years by therapists in herbal formulations and Ayurvedic medicines. And since saffron has always remained an essential part in royal women’s beauty regime during olden days it added to my yearning as i couldn't wait to have the radiant glow of the 'royals'.

As I set my foot in Green trends Hair and Style Salon, the therapist escorted me to the facial room explaining that the Royal Saffron Masque – is an age old facial  used by royal and aristocratic women, to add the youthful glow to the skin and repair the damage caused by sun exposure (Something, I was thinking about all the while).  And as soon she began her magic with good ol’ saffron on my face, with the saffron cleansing milk, the delicate scent filled the room and transported me to a valley of saffron tucked in J&M. The sixty minutes radiant facial is purely done with cream based saffron products which will undoubtedly bring out the natural glow in your skin. By the time the therapist started massaging my face, I was deep in slumber, as the aroma was delightful and the strokes were relaxing.

She let me rejoice my much craved forty winks and continued working on my facial muscles with extreme swift movements.  At the end of the facial, my skin was feeling soft and new and the aromatic flavour of saffron had sunk in deep relieving my body of all the soreness.  I walked out of the room feeling reinvigorated with happiness and I sat at the reception area in tranquility for a while, scanning through the menu for the next treatment. I soon stumbled upon the Cool Mint Hair Spa which was just a thirty minutes treatment I couldn’t possible say no! And before I realized I was taken for a quick cool mint head wash, followed with a cool mint head cream massage. 

The cool mint cream was extremely refreshing and it instantly cooled my scalp making me feel like I had immersed my head in a tub of ice. It was a great stress buster as it relieved my mind of all possible worries of the day and the massage at the exact pressure points aided further in relieving me off stress.  And after thirty minutes of the relaxing head massage, the hair stylist cleansed my hair and blow dried it. The end result was fabulous; my hair looked shiny, healthy and soft like never before. It is definitely one treatment I would recommend, because you really have to feel it to believe it. Enjoy pampering yourself, just the way I did!
The facial will cost around Rs 1000/- and the Cool Mint hair spa will cost Rs 600/- Green Trends Salons are located at Banashankari, JP Nagar, R.T Nagar, Brookefield, Sahakar Nagar and Rajaji Nagar. Visit Green Trends at and, for appointment contact: 09980917762

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