Study: Bangaloreans are the most stressed out

Posted by Staffreporter  |  07. May 2011

Study: Bangaloreans are the most stressed outStudy: Bangaloreans are the most stressed out

According to a survey conducted by
Philips Electronics India, the Philips Health and Well being Index Report 2011 nearly thirty nine percent of the population in Bangalore seeks professional physiological help as opposed to an average of nine percent all over India. Jaipur scores the lowest with just two percent. Conducted on about 6300 people of age group 18-60 years, this survey was carried out across thirty two cities and towns. The survey indicates awareness of a healthy lifestyle amongst Bangaloreans. The study proves Bangalore has the maximum intake of vitamins and supplements. They are active volunteers in experimenting to keep fit using alternatives like herbal and homeopathic medicines.

Nearly 74 percent consume vitamins and supplements, 43 percent intake herbal and homeopathic alternatives and 52 percent practice yoga and acupuncture. After Bangalore the next heath freak city is Kochi with nearly 40 percent of the population taking health measures. Delhi ranks the lowest in statistics according to the study. According to a health survey by Health and Well-Being Index for India, our country tops the list in being the happiest nation. The study observes that India tops the list as they are a less worried nation and they are passive towards their health and well being as compared to their counterparts China and the US. Indians believe that the biggest way to lead a healthy life is spending some quality time with friends and family. A limited population believes in physical activity for improving health.

On the verge of becoming a diabetic nation, India has prolonged health worries. Declining vision, followed by arthritis, infections and diabetes are the most common. Yet only a limited percentage (17 percent) of the population opt annual visits to doctors for checkups. Some rely on family for advice and some on television for remedies. 53 percent of the population in rural India depends on friends and family for as their primary source of information regarding health issues then may be a local doctor or government hospitals observes the study.

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