Tale of a young boy in an unknown land

On Two Feet and Wings, authored by Abbas Kazerroni is a true story of a young boy’s unflagging spirit that reaches out to millions.

Author Kazerroni's Debut novel - On Two Feet and WingsAuthor Kazerroni's Debut novel - On Two Feet and Wings

Abbas Kazerroni, the author of
‘On Two Feet and Wings’ currently lives in Southern California. He is an attorney and mainly deals with consumer rights litigation and class actions. He usually represents the consumer against larger organizations such as banks and credit card companies.  “I like to fight for the under dogs,” says Kazerroni. His book unfolds a child’s eye view of political tumult, separation, coping, dreams and triumph in a moving city that chronicles extraordinary times in an ordinary child’s life. Below are the excerpts from the interview.

How did writing happen to you?
Writing is something that I have always enjoyed doing. If you are specifically asking me about my current book, then I would say that it came about because I believed that it was an important story to tell. I wanted the world to know what kind of situations people lived in that particular era and region of the world.  I also wanted to spread a positive message, ‘Good things come to those with perseverance and tenacity, even if the odds are against them’.  

What is the book all about?
In short it is a semi-autobiographical account of a small section of my childhood. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave my parents and friends and flee Tehran.  Because that time the Iran-Iraq war was at its bloodiest. I was forced to move to Istanbul and live there for fifteen weeks while I waited for my England visa. The whole story is about a child trials and tribulations of overcoming challenges and hurdles which are very adult in nature.     

Share some anecdotes of your experiences while writing this book?
One day I was sitting in a coffee shop and writing a very emotional part of my book. I was so engrossed in my thoughts and emotions that I didn’t even realise that I had started crying, until a lady walked up to me and handed over a tissue to me. I was bewildered and she softly muttered that she was offering it to me to wipe my tears. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I sincerely had no idea. I was very embarrassed.

How has writing changed you as a person?
I believe that writing has given me a lot of perspective and humility. When you revisit events in your life or experiences that you bring into your writing, it makes you look at situations from a different standpoint and brightens up your vision. You realize that your initial perception of the event may have been exaggerated in your own mind or at least more biased. I now try to look at things from at least two or more perspectives before reacting to them.

What inspires you when you write?
I love seeing people overcome adversity when others have counted them out. I find that very inspiring because it is something that I most relate too.

Is there a particular place you sit and jot down your thoughts?
I love writing in coffee shops because it gives me a perfect ambiance for my thoughts to flow. At home I am often distracted but it’s not the same in coffee shops. I don’t like quiet places and these places are always surrounded by interesting people which helps me write.

What are the other topics you would want to write on?
I may want to write about the next stage of my life as the drama did indeed continue. However, I did spend almost a year in Africa and that is also a topic that I would like to pen down, as it did change my life in so many ways.

What is your advice to other young writers?
I would say that they should write about the things that they are most passionate about. Never stop writing thinking it will not get published because it’s the end product that speaks.

On Two Feet and Wings’ is a remarkable story of innocence and wisdom, and survival against the worst odds. Like all stories, this one is often happy, sometimes sad. But unlike most, this one is rather’ true’.

On Two Feet and Wings
Abbas Kazerooni
Publisher:  Hachette India
Price: Rs. 250

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