Trendy Gol Gappas for your wardrobe

Whenever we devour a pani puri there is an explosion of flavours in our mouth. Don’t devoid yourself from something that is so delectable. What more? You can even sport a Paani Puri t-shirt now. We think it’s cool, what's your take?

Trendy Gol Gappas for your wardrobeTrendy Gol Gappas for your wardrobe

At 4.30 am on a Sunday morning Rish Oberoi
saunters around his bachelor pad to satiate his early morning cravings for the tangy Indian chaat ‘pani puri’. So what made Rish pine for the mouth-watering puri’s, “I was completely engrossed to my television set as I watching The Dark Knight and out of nowhere I was longing to eat pani puri's. And I got up to look around my house to find some (cliché but true) pani puris' and the thought struck my mind as I walked back to the paused television screen, where Joker was blowing up a hospital,” explains the animated Rish Oberoi.

The animated Rish OberoiThe animated Rish Oberoi
Joker Eating 'Paani Puri'
One quirky thought at that spur of the moment changed the entire course of Rish’s life. His flamboyant imaginations were definitely out of the ordinary, “When I returned to the screen an idea struck my mind and I thought to myself that how fascinating it would be to see Joker slurp into the most favourite pani puri. And then there was no waiting, I ran through my phone book and I incessantly kept thinking of who can help me create this image. Then came the answer, Eureka. I immediately contacted my friend and within a couple of days the first visual of Joker eating a pani puri was out in real,” says Rish.

Thought’s vs Reality
And soon Rish was bombarded with ideas. He wanted the same designs to be replicated on T-shirts, something the Investment banker had never dreamt off.

The quirky designsThe quirky designs

“I moved to India in 2008 during the whole financial crunch. I was taking a sabbatical for a year introspecting my next step. And getting into a clothing line was a complete alien thought to me at that point of time. I still wonder how an idea became a thought and that thought turned out to be a reality,” says Rish who worked with Wall Street prior to setting up his clothing brand Paani Puri. The clothing line has an array of kitschy designs that will take you on a world of pani puri's that you have never witnessed before. From a splitting guitar, to a kid blowing pani puri bubbles this brand will instantly tease your whims and fancies.

Intriguing pani puri in a form of a guitarIntriguing paani puri in a form of a guitar

The Starry Touch
When the first designs were made Rish first got them approved from his family and friends. He showed it to around 500-600 people before going on full fledged retailing. “Everyone seemed to love the concept and that gave me enough confidence to introduce many different styles of art, using a range of known personalities, movies, music albums and cartoon characters. And the only thing common among them is the pani puri. The concept of Paani Puri is to introduce a new form of thought and love for a food product which has never been explored to this depth. And what really gave me that edge was the influence that I have from both West and The East,” says Rish who sold his first T-shirt to Manish Malhotra. You can also find Imraan Khan, Vipul Shah and Akshay kumar (to name a few) flaunt designs of Paani Puri. So, when are you flaunting the yummy desi chaat ishtyle?
The Paani Puri collection is available for both men and women is available at Shopper's Stop and is priced at Rs 499. To purchase online log on to

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