VJ Ranvijay gets talking about life and more

TV Host and actor Ranvijay gets candid about work, relationships and life

Uber cool TV host Ranvijay Singh considers
himself to be God’s favourite child, and there is no denying that. After all who gets a chance to fly to different cities for a luncheon date with twenty pretty girls? “I seriously must have done something good in my previous life to be so lucky,” chuckles the Roadies host who flew to the city on a promotional tour for Only denims.

Roadies vs Bollywood
I am thoroughly enjoying my stint with Roadies, it rules my life. It is one of those few reality shows which just gets bigger and better with every passing year. I had participated in roadies for the sheer love of bikes and adventure. But a lot of people think that it is an easy ticket to fame. But believe me if that is the case then the fame is extremely short lived. Films, are something I am extremely passionate about. It really gives me an opportunity to meet great directors and actors. And working with them is indeed an enriching experience. I have my next release with Nagesh Kukunoor.

Passionate About: I love bikes and Roadies helped me nurture my dreams of riding the mean machines. It really gives me a huge adrenaline rush. My recent possession is a Yamaha FZ.

Personal Style Statement
I have a huge fetish for shoes. Earlier when I was studying in college I couldn’t really spend much on shoes. But now all I ever shop for is shoes. I have more than hundred pairs of shoes in my closet and I am still counting (he winks). But otherwise I am a very casual person. I love denims and T-shirts, and jackets (since I spend most of my time on the bikes). According to me a guy must definitely have a good pair of denims, a nice white shirt, few great pair of t-shirts and shoes. One should also have the right attitude to carry off what they wear.

Single or Taken
I have been dating ever since I was 15. And dating was never an issue for me. But right now I am single after a very long time. Being single makes me feel liberated and independent and I am loving it. .

His Dream Girl
My dream girl is someone who is intelligent and confident. She would be someone I can strike an interesting conversation with ease. I often meet good looking girls, thanks to my profession but then the whole amalgam of beauty with brains is a rarity. I want my girl to think on her toes and do things without her man. She has to be outgoing and extremely independent.

Live-In Relationships
I think live-in relationships are great. I know I would be raising many eyebrows right now. But practically speaking it’s one of the best ways to find out if you are compatible with the other person or not. And it’s even more important for a couple who are planning to get married. When you are dating, you often meet them for a couple of hours but it’s only when you are staying with the person you truly get to know them. 

Take On Life
I just believe in living each day as it comes to its fullest extent. I enjoy each and every minute of life within the parameter of being responsible.
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M a big fan of u.......u r ossom blossom....

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