Why is there no love on Wall Street?

Ira Trivedi's recent tome, There Is No Love On Wall Street was released at the recently concluded Jaipur Literature festival. This book speaks about her experience at Wall Street which was more shocking than surprising!

There Is No Love On Wall Street by Ira TrivediThere Is No Love On Wall Street by Ira Trivedi

Ira Trivedi is extremely excited about the launch
of her third book, and with each book, Ira comes one step closer to her dream of 'writing'. Writing is something that the former Miss India model can't do without. Ira is extremely extrovert and loves meeting people from all walks of life, as it gives her the muse that she is in constant search off.  But she often finds it easily without her own knowledge and once traced, the author takes off to a foreign locale to craft her thoughts which later turns into a book that millions would read.

Her latest book There Is No Love In Wall Street is a journey of young girl who thinks has ditched the ill-fitting lab coats and smelly latex gloves for something more lucrative. A career where she can flaunt a sexy suit which would accentuate her hour glass shape and don shiny pearls. And just a few days in the corporate house Riya’s dreams comes shattering down as the reality becomes her worst nightmare. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

How did writing happen to you?
I never thought that there is a writer in me, the discovery was serendipitous. I was an Economics student at Wellesley and had come to India for a semester. My sister cajoled me to apply for the Miss India pageant, thinking it would be an interesting experience and luck favoured me and I got to the finals. Soon I was in Mumbai for a month long training. Though I was amused by all the events around me, I immediately realized that it is something that I don’t see myself doing. And that’s when I decided to write What Would You Do to Save the World? A book which is filled with my experience.

How has your journey been from Miss India to writing?
As I said, being a model was something I just did not relate too. May be that was just a break to my writing career. The book was well received and my publisher encouraged me to write more. I did write two books, but in the meanwhile I did my MBA, became a yoga teacher and travelled the world. I love writing; it will always be my passion.

What is your book all about?

There is No Love on Wall Street is about Riya’s summer interning experience at an investment bank on Wall Street. This has been her dream ever since she stepped in Boston for her studies. Once she enters the plushy offices of Goldenstein Smith, she is in for a surprise, because Wall Street is not exactly what she had dreamt it to be. Riya then takes the wildest and bumpiest ride of her life as she spends nights at the office, dances atop tables in New York City and falls in love with the most inappropriate of men.

How did the idea of this story-line strike your mind?
As I mentioned earlier, I was a summer-intern at JP Morgan, and my peculiar and rather exhilarating experiences that summer inspired me to write.

Is the banking or rather the corporate work environment as bad as it seems?
No, not at all. This book is about Riya’s experiences and it more amusing than anything else. Different people have different experiences, but this is purely about her intimate experience at Wall Street.

Share some anecdotes while writing this book?
It took me five years to write this book. I started writing this book right after I finished my own internship in New York at JP Morgan Chase. I am glad that it took me some time to finish the book because the scenario on Wall Street changed significantly after 2008. The book is set on the brink of the recession and how the characters evolve during this journey.  

How has writing changed you as a person?
I have become far more introspective. My perspective has substantially changed and I look at everything in life through a different lens- a writer’s lens. I have also learnt to spend a lot of time alone, and enjoy my solitude.

What are your other interests and hobbies??
I am a yoga teacher, and spend a lot of my time, practicing and teaching. Writing has made me a better yogi and vice-versa. After a long day of writing, I always unwind by practicing asana’s.

What inspires you when you write?
I love listening to people and what they have gone through. This always inspires me to write more as each one of us have so many stories to tell and write.

What kind of ambiance do you prefer when you are writing?
I always take off to write my book. I wrote my first book in Bhopal ( yes, it is a really beautiful place!) my second book in Bali, my third book in a number of different places including New York, and now I am going to Dalhousie and Dharamashala to start thinking about my next project.

What are the other topics you would want to write on?
I am interested in writing a travelogue. I have travelled to some very interesting places and I want to pen all of that down. Maybe bring some yoga into it. Let’s see how that goes.

What are your future plans?
Writing, writing and more writing! I also have a keen interest in business, and I like the vibrancy of that world. Perhaps enter into a new venture. The summer is right around the corner and I plan to travel to some interesting places including Bhutan and Burma.
What is your advice to other young writers?
Writing is a difficult task, but your hard work will pay off in the end. Keep writing, believe in destiny and destiny will be kind to you. Also, read! Reading always nourishes your writing and keeps your creativity blazing.
Book: There's No Love On Wall Street
Author: Ira Trivedi
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs. 199

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