Enforcement Automation by Bangalore Traffic Police Department

Bangalore City Traffic Police Department is adopting technology from traffic monitoring to traffic prediction and fine collection systems. MyBangalore finds out more about Law Enforcement and how technology is playing a major role.

One of the pain points every Bangalorean faces is the erratic traffic conditions in the city. law enforcement, monitoring and punishing rash driving is one of the key responsibilities of the city traffic police department to have a smoother flow of traffic inside the city. With exponential growth in number of vehicles hitting the road, manual monitoring has become too tedious for the police department. Slowly and silently, they are adopting technology solutions for enforcing traffic rules that too in an automated fashion. Enforcement Automation is one of the key areas the department is working on.

What exactly is Traffic Enforcement? It mainly involves noting down the numbers of the offending vehicles and passing the information to the Automation Enforcement Center equipped with computers, software and vehicle database provided by the Motor Vehicles department. Based on this information computerized challans are generated under section 133 of Motor Vehicle act, which are sent by post to the offender. What if this whole process can be automated using technology? That’s exactly the traffic police department has implemented.  

Five enforcement cameras and 80 surveillance cameras have been installed which are being used to book motorists who jump traffic signals and exceed speed limits. As a preventive measure these cameras keep a watch on motorists crossing stop line, breaking lane discipline and violating other traffic rules. Since it is not possible to put enforcement/surveillance cameras at every junction, traffic police has acquired 4 interceptors for deployment by surprise!

These interceptors are also installed with radar at the back of the van, which is attached to a laptop for exactly tracking the violation information with precise information. The fine collection is done immediately using wirelessly connected Blackberry where the traffic police would enter the violation information. The backend servers would take this data, process it and print out the fine or penalty information using the printer attached to Blackberry device. There are 280 Blackberry devices deployed so far. The whole process works automatically controlled only by buttons.

And that’s not all. In case of a driver not having enough cash to pay the fine on the spot, there is another easier way too. The fine payment system is integrated with BangaloreOne, the one stop shop which acts as an interface for citizens to interface with government functions. By entering the registration number of your vehicle the fine information can be retrieved and online payment can be made via the same site. By adopting technology solution, Bangalore Traffic Police department is able to implement a end-to-end solution for traffic violation, thereby enforcing traffic rules.

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