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Free Music! Until the 21st of June

A free music fest, ‘Fete de la Musique’ is being held at Alliance Francaise Bangalore encouraging musicians from across the globe from until the 21st of June.


The ‘Fete de la Musique’ is on in the city with a promising mix of music from around the world. What more? It is a free for all music festival being held from 12th to 21st June at Alliance Francaise. This festival is open to any participant whether professional or amateur and ranges across genres.  

Juggling ideas of alternative performance spaces, the Fête de la Musique is a way to encourage the major music institutions (orchestra, operas, choirs, etc.) to perform outside their usual locations. Whether it is a performance in hospitals and prisons, it is an opportunity to develop exchanges between city centers and their outlying areas and to promote encounters and exchanges between young musicians and well-known talent. The musicians are asked to perform for free, and all the concerts are free for the public.  

The schedule promises quite the treat with bands and solo musicians lined up back to back transporting you to that auditory soothing process.  
Galeej Gurus needs no introduction. This Bangalore based band is set to perform on Saturday evening followed closely by a special treat, ‘Kwak’. Get ready to bang that head to some ‘French rock’ which is a very special mix between rock music and the French tradition of ‘Chanson’. 

Sunday, the 14th, the musical duo of Neecia Majolly and Berenice Da Gama Rose is set to serve you some violin-piano magic. Later during the day, Madrigrals Etc. is bringing their choral and instrumental music ensemble to Bangalore crowd again post their national tour. 5 AM, the brain child of the then engineering students Amrit, Sandeep and Prony will take stage with their eclectic mix of the West and the East followed by Parachute XVI which was conceptualized as a band that was to allow them to combine their love for improvisation, the blues, and unconventional rhythm patterns. The Sunday fever doesn’t seem to cease as Shamans, the band perform to be followed by a jazzy African ensemble by Voice of Music, a band formed by talented musicians from Christian background, native to Ivory Coast, to gather all African communities and all international students by music.  

The 19th of June comes along with a twist of a different kind, that of Sanskrit Pop. Talk of unity in diversity! Maye rediscovers the rhythmic meter of the ancient poets of India in a refreshing style. The party just begins there. An ambassador of carnatic music on the veena, Geetha Navale’s seamless fusion of Indian Classical music with jazz and rock is a must to lookout for. The musical evening continues with the BSM Classical Guitar Duo (Solo's & Duets on the Portuguese Guitar), the BSM Junior String Ensemble Young Stars with Jaziel, Joy, Divya and Anup playing popular classical pieces, concluded by Thermal and a quarter. 

It is twist to the movement now as it is dance time on the 20th at the music festival as Zealers shake to some Bollywood freestyle followed by a performance by Nikita Ghatge and friends. On a different note all together Slain takes on with the blend of vintage rock with power metal. The evening ends on a funky note with a potpourri of madness and grooves by Today’s Special. 

The last day of the fest begins with Moon Arra meaning three streams which is something of a musical journey where musicians from different styles and approaches meet to explore sounds and influences from jazz to Indian Classical with a strong leaning towards melody and a jazz-like improvisation in its compositions and interpretations of other songs and tunes. The Rockathon returns after that with Plunge’s self made genre of introspective rock and Lounge Piranha rounds up the show.

Let the music play!  
For more information:

Meghala Selvaraj

Alliance Fran�se de Bangalore 108, Thimmaiah Road
Vasanthanagar, Bangalore -560052 Map

91 80 4080 8181
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