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The local search is one of the top areas which MyBangalore is constantly working and bringing updates to its readers. Latlong, an SMS based local search is in the process of launching their service in the city. Pavaman Athani, VP of Products at Latlong provides more information about this service. 

Latlong is an SMS based local search using Latlong SMS to locate any place in Bangalore and get driving directions.

To know how to use latlong from your phone, all you have to do is SMS HELP to 9008890088

Sample requests:

SMS to 9008890088:
WHERE South Indies restaurant
GO from Rajajinagar to Rangashankara
WHERE Dominos near Ashoka pillar
(send one request at a time)

Can you please describe about Latlong service? Is there any significance choosing this name?

Latlong SMS service provides useful information to people whenever they want to go somewhere in the city (essence of location based services to consumers). We chose this name as it had a sing-songy sound to it. For those who can understand technology, it rings a bell too.

When did you launch this service? How is the response from Bangalore citizens so far?

We are yet to do a PR launch of the service. We have only soft-launched it till now by sending emails about it to friends. The awareness about the service has mainly spread through word of mouth from users. The response from word of mouth has been more than what expectations we had. Thousands of Bangaloreans and visitors to Bangalore have been using this service for a wide variety of needs. We in turn have learned from this experience and have been constantly improving it. 

One interesting thing that we have noticed is that many users actually think that there is a person or a team receiving their requests and responding to them. On some occasions we have seem people responding with 'Thank you very much...' etc. In reality, our software

interprets people's requests and sends the correct responses! We consider it a testimony that this service is meeting a real need. 

With local search market getting flocked with multiple products (Google SMS search, Mobile search, Locality web pages etc...) how do you differentiate your services?

There are many services that provide phone number or address. We not only give you the phone number, we tell you where exactly is your destination, and also help you go there from where you are.

What are the top searched categories in Bangalore?

Users look for places like Basava Bhavan, Rangashankara, Forum Mall, as well as places like localities and roads.

What is the main revenue stream you are targeting?

We are planning to make money from some form of advertising in the future. We are right now focusing only on meeting user needs better and better.

What are the future services you are planning to add with Latlong?

We have a long way to go to be able to help people whenever they are thinking of going somewhere. We would like to help people in all ways that are comfortable to them. We would like to help users via a call center as well. 

How are you funded? Can you please provide me more details about your team?

We are angel funded. For team details look

For more details check out:
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Shivaraj kumar Aug 02nd, 2010 02:26 PM

dear sir/madam ... i m really very happy and also its a superb way to findout  the places in bangalore

raju Feb 28th, 2010 10:45 PM

it is fantastic. i use everyday for my day to day basis routine work, it is really good.

pavamanaprasad Jun 24th, 2009 09:05 AM

To know how to use latlong from your phone, 
sms HELP to 9008890088
Some sample requests that you can sms to 9008890088:
WHERE south indies restaurant
GO from rajajinagar to rangashankara
WHERE dominos near ashoka pillar

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