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Seven Notes with Hari Adivarekar

Hari Adivarekar’s exhibition of music photos called Seven Notes is on display at the Alliance Francaise until the 21st of June

Hari Adivarekar’s exhibition of music photos called Seven Notes is on display at the Alliance Francaise until the 21st of June. Exploring music genres ranging from jazz, to cult to Sufi, with his lens, how he feels about music and spirituality clearly comes through in the pictures. Having travelled and taken pictures extensively, Mybangalore decided to catch up with the lensman and find out what make him “click”.

Seven Notes, tell us a little about your present exhibition.

It's incredible that seven notes connect all forms of music, in terms of melody of course. I've always believed that there are just two kinds of music, good and bad. As a result I listen to any kind of music and that extends to the shows I photograph. It doesn't matter if the musician is Indian or from abroad, big or small, I'm happy to be there. This enabled me to shoot a wide range of musicians and showcasing that has been the underlying concept of Seven Notes. To be able to tie it in with the Fete de la Musique at the Alliance Francaise was fortuitous and I'm happy for the opportunity to make my exhibition even more relevant.   

What is your work all about?

My work is about many things. Expression, deeper conceptual thinking, love and constant learning.  In the largest sense it is an opportunity to give back, especially to those who really need help and have no voice. That is my ultimate goal. To be in a position to truly make a difference to the marginalised using my skills. Not for any personal aggrandisement but to do something that has results for them.
Spiritual mystical music seems to move you, and this comes through in your extensive collection right from baul singers to monks chanting to Sufi Music festivals to folk music.

That's because I'm a spiritual person. Spiritual not religious. I'm inspired by Jesus as much as I am by Shirdi Sai Baba or Kabir. I believe in a spirituality of love, compassion and truth. Added to this is my deep love for music and I automatically admire and respect any musician who is able to truly combine all those things. From deep within their souls, not for the sake of it.

Have you had other exhibitions? Other cities you have displayed your pictures in?

No I haven't unless you count exhibiting some photos of India at a library in New Jersey, when I was visiting the US last year. But that was minor, so I wouldn't count that.

The most important thing for an artist to remember is?
To work with love and surrender the ego. The ego can be a dangerous opponent to real artistic fulfillment. The more it becomes about the artist and not about the art, the more it becomes some kind of posturing, taking away from the creation process. Basically be mindful of oneself and the larger picture. This is purely a personal feeling. I don't believe everyone should think any one way.  


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