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The Bimba Art Foundation: An art hub

Basavanagudi, one of the oldest areas in Bangalore houses many cultural treasures in various forms. One among them is Bimba the Art Hut. Situated on the curve of Dr. DVG Road, this place oozes creative energy.

The art hut is a 100 year old, half ruined building. The Bimba Art Foundation co-founders, Deepak and Deepika Dorai are currently in the process of renovating it, to convert it into an art campus. 

Bimba, originally set up in Chennai was brought to Bangalore in 2006. The art hut is located in Jayanagar which houses many artistic creations, many of which are done by Deepika herself. The art studio located in Basavanagudi happened accidentally.

“We happened to stumble on this place by chance. It was an accidental discovery.  We have taken it on a rental basis. We have to make a go of this place in three years, or else… well we are positive of nurturing this place,” feels Deepak.  

“We had taken a 70 year old building for our art hut in Chennai. We were looking for something similar here. Hence we took up this place once we discovered it. It is a 100 year old building and I feel architecture is art. It is like paying your respects for something happened a 100 years before. I also feel that preservation of art is in itself a form of art,” says Deepika.

Deepak and Deepika feel that people should not only enjoy the product but also its entire making process. They should also enjoy the history of the product. Hence they feel it’s imperative to preserve and nurture the ancestral art forms. The artist, along with his depth of the art and his lifestyle should be preserved. This in turn sustains the livelihood of the artists.  

Bimba in Basavanagudi also conducts RASALOK, a still theatre programme every weekend. This form of art form is founded by Deepika’s mother, Smt. Uma Nagaraj.

This is held on every Sunday at 5 P.M. The programmes are based on stories taken from the ancient scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads among others. This season, Smt. Uma and Deepika are portraying the story of the divine friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudhama, called ‘Krishna, The Divine Servant’.  

“Entire moment in still theatre is created in miniature proportions. I learnt the basic form of art from my mother. Now both Deepika and I have different moments which we portray every weekend,” informs Smt. Uma.

Deepak says this art campus is for people who feel that there is a need for lung space for art in Bangalore and for those who champion art for the cause of the art.

Bimba Art Foundation

42 Ratna Vilas Rd and DVG Rd Corner
Basavangudi, Bangalore -560004 Map

080 - 41489354
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kiran dev Feb 19th, 2011 09:01 PM

visited today, 19th of feb,2010, was a very good experience.. loved the atmosphere..and will also like to keep visiting it once in a week.

Padma Kanani Jun 13th, 2009 10:11 PM

I have heard sooooooooo much about it.Will surely visit on Monday. I am sure it must be a great creation.
Padma Kanani.

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