Coffee Cup reading with Nawal Gani

Posted by lavanyas013  |  22. June 2010

Besides coffee what more did you think
your coffee cup could hold? It could hold your future, it can also reveal a lot about you. Nawal Gani, who is a coffee cup reader, has been practicing the art of coffee cup reading for the last 14 years.  

Coffee cup reading has its origins in China where ancient monks predicted the future by reading patterns left by tea leaves in bell-shaped cups, a process known as tasseography.Later, Arabs took up the practice but used coffee as a medium.  

People come from all over to drink Gani’s concoction, decoction, rather. “From then prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, to Actor Sushmita Sen. “I can’t remember, once I do a reading I can never remember anything about the person or what I have said,” Says Gani.

Coffee Readings are psychic readings done by using a cup of coffee as though it's a crystal ball. Ground Turkish coffee is mostly used when cup readings are done. The residue is left at the bottom of the cup after the coffee is drunk, when the cup is then covered with a saucer, shaken, and turned over (up side down) into the saucer, and left to dry.   

The patterns formed on the inside of the cup trigger psychic insight; and are interpreted according to what they mean to the seer. Once you allow the information to flow intuitively, and with little training you can soon be well on your way to reading your own cup.  

Generally Gani tells her clients of pitfalls that lie ahead, advises them on whether to take up a new career or start a new business, and on family life. She also warns of any potential enemies and if they are capable of doing harm. A majority of her clients, she says, take her advice on health and even invite her to drive away "evil spirits". She charges 1,000 rupees for a reading.  

Explaining about how the reading is done, Gani says “As soon as I turn the cup containing thick Turkish coffee grounds upside down near the saucer and wait for it to dry up I prepare myself. Sometimes it all comes in a matter of seconds and at times it requires great concentration,”

“Coffee is a 24-hour Arab tradition, nobody drinks tea. Instead, you have to drink black coffee, which leaves behind some very striking filigree-like patterns. Fish means money, Snake means enemy, tree stands for fame, roads for travel, birds (dark and brooding) for bad news, and light birds with spread wings for good news,” Explains Gani.  

“The coffee cup is like a puzzle of one's life,” she says. “It is important to mention here, for the reading to be meaningful, or indeed accurate; you have to sip or drink the coffee while relaxing, sort of in a contemplative mode. The dregs show me the intention or the emotional and mental condition of the drinker,” Points out Gani.
Nawal charges 1,000 Rupees for a reading and can be contacted at - 2536-9416, 98860-21641.

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