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Doctors notice a rise in Jaundice cases in Bangalore!

With the rains setting in, cases of Jaundice are on the rise in the city; doctors point out that the prime reason for jaundice is drinking contaminated water.

With the onset of monsoon, cases of jaundice (yellow fever) are being reported in Bangalore every single day. In the last one month, nearly 50 jaundice cases have been reported in hospitals across the city. Experts point out that the prime reason for jaundice is drinking contaminated water. “Public should boil water before they consume. They should avoid eating refreshments along the roadside, which are laced with ice because none knows the quality of water used to prepare the ice,” says Dr. Manjunath Hegde, who’s treated four jaundice cases in the last two weeks.

Explaining the cause of jaundice, he says “Liver dysfunction is the commonest cause of jaundice. Infection is the most common reason for liver dysfunction. Most of the time, the Hepatitis virus is responsible for liver infection. Acute hepatitis is a condition that causes inflammation (swelling) of the liver, usually as a result of the hepatitis A, B, C, D, or E viruses. When the bilirubin level increases in the blood and this gets deposited all over the body, it leads to jaundice,”

Many tests are available for determining the cause of jaundice, but the history and physical examination are important as well. Dr. Hegde says “Blood tests can be helpful in determining the causes of jaundice. The treatment of jaundice usually requires a diagnosis of the specific cause of the jaundice and treatment directed at the specific cause, e.g., removal of a gallstone blocking the bile duct,”
The simple form of jaundice can be cured rapidly by diet therapy and exercises. Recovery will, however, be slow in serious cases which have been caused by obstruction or pressure in the bile ducts. The patient should rest until the acute symptoms of the disease subside.

“Treatment depends on the underlying cause, but most commonly dietary changes help to a large extent. The patient should be put on a juice fast for a week. The juices of oranges, lemons, grapes, pears, carrots, beets and sugarcane are highly beneficial,” Says Dr. Hegde.

Precautionary Measures
Maintaining good hygiene is the best precautionary measure to avoid jaundice. Washing hands with soap before eating is required to maintain personal hygiene as the virus hides under the nails. One must drink boiled water and avoid eating roadside junk food. Water tanks should be cleaned at regular intervals. Early detection of the disease is required and negligence may lead to complications.

Jaundice is a symptom of a group of diseases. Some of these diseases may not require any treatment and they settle down naturally. But there is a group of diseases that requires active early treatment to save the patient's life. Therefore, jaundice should not be neglected and medical evaluation is required in every case.
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Pradeep Sharma Aug 31st, 2010 12:24 AM

I've been sufferin from jaundice for almost a month. My bilirubin level has risen from 7.6 to 12.6 within a week. Please 
prescribe a good medication and please tell me which hospital you work in so I can come and consult you as it is very urgent.

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