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HARMONY – Teaching music to Adults & Children

Sandra Oberoi set up music school – Harmony to help young artistes hit the right notes and she is passionate about teaching them the finer nuances of music.

Sandra teaching music to kids at HARMONYSandra teaching music to kids at HARMONY

It is said that music is everything.
It produces a kind of bliss which human nature cannot do without. Such is the effect of music, which has found its manifestations in the work of Sandra Oberoi who along with her husband Ryan run a music school called HARMONY to help children and adults excel in music skills.

Singer and music artist Sandra, whose life revolves around one and only thing - music, has been a performing singer for life. With a knack for music, she started learning music since childhood and has been performing since the tender age of three. She says, “I love music, it runs in my veins and I am passionate about it,”

A mum of two children and a firm believer of the saying from the Bible- 'Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it', she says “We set up HARMONY in August 2008 with the sole intention to nurture young talent and to help people with music skills. We just don’t focus on one thing, we make sure the children learn to sing, read music and even play an instrument. It’s like an all rounded personality development,”

Nurturing young artistsNurturing young artists

She adds “Children don’t take music seriously because they see it as another hobby class, but we make sure we engage them in music activities and provide them all the skills needed to be a performer. Also at Harmony, we don’t force the children to take music exams, instead we keep the parents updated after every music session, so that they know how the child is progressing and there is no pressure on the child as well,”

The music school has batches through out the week, with people with an age group ranging from three to 73 years. Sandra says, “I have people who want to take up music seriously and pursue it as a profession, but are not getting proper guidance and time. We also have elderly people who want to learn music for themselves. We have a 68 year old student who comes to learn violin, I feel so motivated looking at them. There is so much enthusiasm in them that it just rubs onto others,”

Also students at HARMONY have the unique opportunity to have their voices recorded at a professional Music Studio located on the premises. This is done not just to motivate a student and build up self esteem, but also to monitor their progress on a regular basis.

Regular jam sessions are held with students studying various instruments to give them a sense of playing in a band, gain confidence, as well as become conscientious of group dynamics and performance skills.  

Explains Sandra “We teach children using some principles of the 'Kodaly method' of music education e.g. using rhythm duration syllables, unaccompanied singing etc. We have developed our own system of teaching too to suit the requirement of different age groups and varied learning capacity. During a class, we encourage a child to listen, sing, play, analyze the topic for the day and ask questions. A typical class lasts for an hour where during the first half an hour we concentrate on building good vocal technique. Children learn vocal exercises, breathing exercises, correct pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds and good posture for singing. They are also taught simple classical songs, including some folk songs, in English, Italian and German,”

There are about ten trained music teachers helping out Sandra with the music classes “our tag-line is ‘love music, live music’. Here music is taken very seriously as we want to bring out the best in everyone,” Says Sandra.
They have various batches through the week for different age groups. Each class is held once a week for an hour. Contact - +91 9845058837 to know more details.


877, 7th cross 3rd block
Koramangala, Bangalore -560034 Map

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