How the 'Multiple Natures' test will assess your true calling

The Multiple Natures test helps you identify your unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses and in this way propels you to make an advised decision for your education and career.

The Multiple Natures test  helps you identify your unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses and in this way propels you to make an advised decision for your education and career. This has been devised by Steven Rudolph, Educational Director of the Jiva Institute and founder of Jiva Public School. He has been active in developing many innovative learning materials for children and products and services that promote global skills hand in hand with and Indian values.

He is a pioneer in constructivist teaching methodologies, who has spoken and written extensively on the 10 Laws of Learning ’ which has helped many parents deal with the learning curves of their children. 

Multiple Natures (MN) is a psychological framework I created that helps individuals understand their inner qualities so they can achieve their potential, and find greater success and happiness in life. It describes 9 Natures within each of us that influence how we act. These include: Protective, Educative, Administrative, Creative, Healing, Entertaining, Providing, Entrepreneurial, and Adventurous. While all 9 exist within each person, they are of differing degrees. For instance, some people are more administrative by nature, which makes them excellent at managing tasks and people, while other people are more entertaining by nature, which inclines them amuse others through humor or performing in some way. By looking at people through the MN lens, we can understand why people behave in different ways and especially why they are attracted more toward certain careers.

Why is it important to understand one's Multiple Natures?
It is important to understand your MNs because doing so will enable you to achieve greater success in everything that you do—from academic performance in school, to extra-curricular activities, to choosing the right career, and performing well in one’s job. Each person has his own unique abilities, however, most people only have a limited or inaccurate understanding of their specific personality traits and how strong or weak each one is. As a result, they wind up suffering because they are constantly getting into situations that they are unfit for, and they are unable to effectively apply their true strengths or get the help they need to achieve their goals. This is true for students as well as professionals.
By understanding the unique composition of your Multiple Natures, you will clearly understand the tools you have to work with, and how you can put them to use in each and every situation—choosing a stream or career, deciding which club or hobbies to get involved in, working effectively in groups, delegating responsibility, and so on. For instance if you know your Creative Nature is strong, you will do well in activities that require generating ideas (whether for art, writing, photography, design, etc.). If, however, your Adventurous Nature is dominating, you will surely exceed in activities like adventure sports, or in careers such as defense or research that require people to take risks and push the limits.
How early can one start understanding this? Is it ever too late?
At Jiva Public School, we begin introducing children to the concepts of Multiple Natures and Multiple Intelligences as early as Class I—of course in an age appropriate way. Throughout their course of study over 12 years, they are encouraged to engage each of the Natures in their academic as well as extra-curricular classes. For instance, we encourage children with strong Educative Natures to assist classmates who are having trouble with their classwork; those with powerful Protective Natures are assigned as monitors on the playing ground; when it comes time to organize fundraising functions, the Entrepreneurial are called on to come forward, and so on. 
As far as too late? I just explained the concept of MN to my 94-year old grandfather and had him take the MN Test as well. He found it fascinating, and said it identified jobs that he has either done or would loved to have done—40 years ago! Because the concept is so easy to understand and so practical, I have found it can be understood and adopted by people across all ages and cultures.
What does the Multiple Natures test do for you?
In short, the MN Test helps people take the right decisions about their academic and professional lives—which stream to choose, which college to apply to, which career to aim for. And for people who are already employed, it helps them leverage their strengths better at work, and even decide if and how they should make a job change. We are essentially helping people position themselves to their advantage in every situation they face. My belief is that success depends not only on how you act, but how well you place yourself in a situation. Tendulkar is rightly situated to be a player in the sport of cricket. He is rightly positioned as a key batsman. However, it was a blunder to cast him as a Captain, as captaincy requires a type of Nature that he lacks. So, once you know how to place yourself in the right situations, you’ll then be more capable to act in each cirucmstance. This directly results in higher degrees of competence, enhanced self-esteem, greater levels of motivation, and ultimately, success. For most people who succeed, it is a matter of chance that they were able to get themselves into situations that favored their Natures. But if you take the MN Test, you can, in my opinion, better control your fate.
What is the format of the test?
The test consists of 38 self-rating questions that can be completed in about 7-10 minutes. Each question relates to the different dimensions of Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures. The test can be done online directly on the Multiple Natures website, or on paper if being conducted in institutes with large numbers of students. On the basis of the answers, our search engine creates a unique profile for the individual. It then searches our database of hundreds of jobs and identifies jobs that contain similar profiles. After, a Career Report is generated that lists the top jobs that match your profile, and that also provides detailed descriptions of each job, the educational requirements to pursue it, and a list of the to colleges and institutes where one can study to obtain a degree or qualification for that particular profession. An additional Personality Report is generated that gives suggestions on how your MNs and MIs can be successfully leveraged in everday school, work, and life scenarios.
For students looking for a college/school after school boards/graduation, how will the test help?
For school students, the MN Test helps school them make the right decisions about their streams, careers, and colleges. For college and graduate students, it helps them decide if they should go on for higher studies, and if so, which type of courses to take. For instance, a student graduates with a Bachelor’s of Administration, and then plans for an MBA. But even within an MBA program, there are different streams—and different jobs that relate to those streams, each of which requires a completely different nature. This is where the MN Test is so elegant. So if someone has a strong “Providing Nature”, our system will recommend jobs that are connected to the Hospitality or Customer Service sector, which require a high degree of giving and customer support. On the other hand, those who score higher in Administrative would be guided toward more managerial roles. The system would even help those with a strong Educative Nature find their niche, for instance, in e-learning or corporate training. Then there are all sorts of permutations and combinations that tap into all of the individual’s strengths.
How accurate is the test? And what makes the test a valid measure?
All of our research shows that the test is highly accurate. This is a topic we are constantly working on, and academic professionals who work in our Research facility to ensure the test is the most accurate and reliable in the world. There are a number of ways we are establishing validity. One way is through providing the test to diverse populations (e.g., Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors), and identifying unique trends among those groups. This enables us to determine the distinct natures that correlate with different professions. We are then able to align students’ scores with the norm for the different professions.
You can take the Multiple Natures Test online for a payment of Rs.500/- The payment options include, On-line Payment, Cash, Bank Deposits, Cheques and Demand Drafts. 
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