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Now there’s a medium for visually impaired to network and exchange ideas. is an online platform that enables persons with print impairment to find each other, to connect, build communities, and share accessible content.

Ever wondered how a person with a
visual impairment uses a computer? Surf the web? Read a book or an article? The most popular, software program used by people with visual impairments to read a document is a type of computer software known as a screen reader, but now people with visual impairment can not only read articles, but can also network with the help of – Inclusive Planet. is an online platform that enables persons with print impairment to find each other, to connect, interact, build communities, and share accessible content and solutions. In this they are collaborating with the Centre for Internet and Society and leading blind associations of the country and soon, school and college syllabi will be accessible, making this the world’s largest such library.

Inclusive Planet also has a social networking site and is similar to any other social-networking site that connects friends and gives space to create a blog or generate content. Users can also share files, books, articles or songs. Besides, they can create profiles, track old friends, post comments and so on. There is a separate section for profiles. Creators of the site are now getting requests to introduce provisions for uploading videos and sharing photos, which they thought wasn’t required.

The site was started in October 2009 by three former National Law School students. One of them who was a copyright lawyer once attended a conference by World Blind Union. He realized that most of the material accessible to the sighted was inaccessible to the blind. That was the root of the idea.

The website, built in three months on a micro-investment model, now has 4,000 members from 78 countries. Of these 2,000 are from India.

Inclusive planet is a social venture with a very simple yet powerful agenda - to engage smart minds across the world to create scalable technology-led solutions to challenges faced by people with disabilities.

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Mary Ann Jun 08th, 2010 07:21 PM

Love solution building..

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