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Mangoes! Mangoes! Mangoes! In Lalbagh all the way!

The mango season is in full swing and Bangalorean’s will have a chance to savor the taste of a variety of mango’s at Lalbagh and HOPCOMS stores across the city at very reasonable rates.

The Badami MangoesThe Badami Mangoes

The King of fruits is in season and right in your city, right now! The Mango Mela 2010 was launched by HOPCOMS (Horticulture Producers Co-operative and Marketing Society) in Lalbagh and at HOPCOMS stores across the city. The Mela will allow Bangalorean’s a chance to indulge in eight different variety of mangos bought in from across the state at very reasonable prices.

HOPCOMS Mango Mela 2010 in Lalbagh Photograph: Neville LoboHOPCOMS Mango Mela 2010 in Lalbagh Photograph: Neville Lobo

The Horticulture minister, Umesh V Katti, said that society plans on distributing more than a 1,000 tonnes of fruit across the city this year. The state government is working with farmers to help them grow more mangos by giving them loans to buy land for the cultivation of the trees. With mango production and cultivation being on a decline in the state this initiative by the government is a welcome change for growers in the state.

Photograph: Neville LoboPhotograph: Neville Lobo

Raspuri, Mulgoa, Sendhura, Badami, Amrapali, Mallika, Totapuri and Badami are a few of the different mangos that are available for purchase in Lalbagh and the HOPCOMS stores across the city. The rates are drastically cheaper with some of the better varieties like Badami being priced at Rs 50 a kilo compared to RS 60 or more at other local market stores. The Raspuri mangos are the cheapest of the lot and are selling for Rs 25 a kilo and are a steal at that price.

Everyone just loves mangoes! Photograph: Neville LoboEveryone just loves mangoes! Photograph: Neville Lobo

The Mango Mela will continue till June 7 so make the most out of the mobile vans which will be selling the mangos and also the HOPCOMS stores. There’s no reason to let your mango fantasies lay by the side when they are available at such a discount.

Lalbagh Main Gate

At the end of Kengal Hanumanthiah Road
Jayanagar, Bangalore -560011 Map

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