Raavan's release gets canned in Bangalore, thanks to KFCC!

Audiences in Bangalore will not be able to see the movie Raavan on June 18, along with the rest of the world. Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), is yet to okay the film's release in Bangalore.

Mani Ratnam’s eagerly awaited
Ravan/ Raavanan will not be releasing in any multiplex screens in Bangalore! The film will only be screened in seven single screens but might not be released on June 18.

Reliance Big Pictures, who are marketing the film, have been told by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), that they can treat Raavan and Raavanan as one film, and not two. Suhasini Mani Ratnam, one of the producers of the film had even provided proof that both the Hindi and Tamil versions are two negatives, but KFCC remains adamant.

KFCC president Basant Kumar Patil had recently made it clear that both the Tamil and Hindi versions will be treated as one film and can be released in a combined 21 screens. Just last month, Reliance Big Pictures faced trouble over the release of Hindi film ‘Kites’ for a similar reason. The distributor went back on the undertaking that it would not release the film in more than 24 screens. KFCC functionaries had then confiscated the reels of the film from theatres screening it.

Sources said Reliance Big Pictures had orally agreed to screen all the three language versions (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu) in a total of 24 theatres. These include 16 in Hindi, seven in Tamil and one in Telugu. But since it has now approached the court, KFCC may come up with a counter-measure.

Unofficially, the exhibitors may be told to delay the release of the film by a week. That would mean that audiences in Bangalore will not be able to see the film on June 18, along with the rest of the world. However, only exhibitors in south Karnataka may heed the KFCC diktat.

The KFCC is very clear that only Kannada films can release in any number of screens and Other Language Films (OLF) can only release in a maximum of 24 screens. So in case of Raavan, Raavanan will have to be screened in 21 screens in the state.

The KFCC rule says non-Kannada films cannot be released in more than 24 theatres across Karnataka (including Bangalore). Reliance Big Pictures, the distributor of the much-hyped Hindi-Tamil bilingual, has approached the Delhi High Court against the rule. The case will come up for hearing on Thursday.

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Kannadiga Jun 21st, 2010 01:24 PM

Finally Mani Ratnam fans got to know from which industry he got break..
These useless fans dont know they are creating problems to themselves as well to others as well. Basically kannadigas are cool people and got patience to tolerate you people ,thats why you people are leaving your natives and dumping here. and shouting against the people who are allowing you to leaving peacefully.
You people are making us to develop aggressiveness, creating problems for yourself , finally we realize  what we are doing now  that we would have done long back..so you people would have not barked on us like this and some of our useless people would have not supported you .
Anyway we not against Mani nor against his film we always support Talented people. 

tamilan Jun 19th, 2010 09:37 AM

hey kanada movies r so bad tat they relese in 4 theater also it wont be house full then whts the use of banning ravanan...u suck kfcc

vinod Jun 18th, 2010 10:56 PM

KFCC you should be ashamed of yourself, If you people really want all people of Karnataka to watch Kannada movies start thinking of giving good flicks 

Guest Jun 18th, 2010 07:42 PM

In which state do they forsake screening their movies for the sake of other language movies? Its only in Karnataka, because it is filled with outsiders and like the local movies even the localites are being suppressed. Just because such attitude is not opposed it doesn't mean we are incapable. Mind you people creating trouble for us, every tolerance has a threshold. Don't cross the line. The topic is about initially refusing to screen the movie in X number of theaters, instead it would be screened in Y number of theaters. Now it shows how you unfaithful people wait for a chance to talk about Karnataka, Kannadigas and go to the extent of speaking about democracy. KFCC is not saying it will screen only Kannada movies henceforth. Thank God for people and organizations like them else you guys would have then changed the local language even. Be a good debater by speaking about the topic not all that you feel like blabbering....
@All Kannadigas: I greatly appreciate some (very few) of them who still have respect for our state and language. Keep it up. Thank God for people like you. Seriously! And the rest who were shitting there and speaking diplomatically remember the greatest movies which came in Kannada. Every industry has a phase and Kannada industry too is seeing its low (doesn't mean people here are incapable). Shame on you!! Kannada movies earlier didn't do well because it had people from other places to watch it. Its time for you to get into the roots. 
@Others: Its your right to live in Karnataka (as one of them told), likewise is it not your duty to respect the language of the land which has given you so much. Don't find a reason to blame the place and people which/who have given you everything they have. Be more responsible when you speak keeping in mind that you are hurting so many's sentiments by targeting  a language/ State. Would you allow someone to do the same with your mother tongue? BTW, Mani Ratnam's first movie is in Kannada! (this is specially for avinash and others who feel Mani Ratnam is a great director). With due respect to him, he didn't jump with a Hindi or Tamil movie in the beginning. It was with a KANNADA movie that people heard the name Mani Ratnam FIRST.......

indian Jun 18th, 2010 06:33 PM

stupid kfcc....they had not gone mad...they were mad from the beginning only...doing nothing but biting their own tail only...

R Jun 18th, 2010 04:39 PM

Some one below was too much bothered about multplexes getting full wid other language movies though there are enough of gud kannada movies(have'nt seen such a situation atleast in last 4 years) not getting enough place to be played. If there r good kannada movies which are worth to watch are available, then probably KFCC can impose this particular condition for non-kannada movies. But what if the there are not any such kannada movies available then? Then what's the point in sticking to this rule. I'm not a kannadiga. But yeah i know kannada. I watch kannada movies also. But with the kind of movies coming up in this kannada film industry, who will bother to waste their money going for those. I'm sure even the kannadiga's wont go for such films though they keep debating about regionalism. And of course, it is for mere entertainment we're spending money and watching movies. If kannada industry directors/actress/actor should grow, they have to make good films. If they surpress other languages, will they grow? And the worst part is good films from other languages are getting remade in kannada. Not only the films, even the songs. May be there are many talents over here. But whoever in the industry should bring out the talent. Cribing that noone watching kannada movie is the reason for lack of opportunities. Good things will be always appreaciated. I think kannada films are the one's which stands below in the quality of films compared to other south indian languages like telugu, tamil or malayalam. Those languages already have enough of good movies for the industry to sustain. Atleast they are better than kannada movies. Also, please stop debating on regionalism. More than everything we all belong to one nation- India.

Malayali Jun 18th, 2010 04:09 PM

Dear KFCC, unless you give respect, you cannot expect respect. 

Guest Jun 18th, 2010 01:54 PM

One thing is for sure ppl, B. C. Patil never gave good movies and now he is trying to stop screening of the movies that really are blockbusters before their release.

avinash Jun 18th, 2010 01:27 PM

These Idiots doesn't make a good movie in a year also atleast watch good movies from Class directors like Maniratnam and learn to do a decent movie.If they are not allowing/watching Maniratnam's movie they are not at all real Movielovers.Leave alone Tamil version of it atleast release Hindi version as it is our National language.Wake up KFCC!!!!! and take this as a challenge and encourage making of good movies in Kannada instead of jealously restricting the release of Good movies. 

commonman Jun 18th, 2010 01:16 PM

kannada people dont make good movoies, and they cannot tolerate other people making good money releasing good movies..why dont they spend more time on making good kannada movies instead of making controversis...

A Jun 18th, 2010 12:28 PM

U bullshit Non-kannadiga's 
Get out of karnataka n watch the movie there...
U country brutes comes from villages n stay here n bangalore n shout like dogs here...
u guys are acting like a Britisher's ...
Coming here .. occupying our place n barking ...  

Bhargav Reddy Jun 18th, 2010 12:00 PM

They are absolutely nuts. Killing the joy and excitement of avid movie goers like myself. I watch kannada movies as much as other language movies irrespective of the language. A movie is a movie boss...KFCC needs to stop mileage mongering for kannada movies by restricting movies at the penultimate moment instead what they can do better is circulate their guidelines to the other movie industries much earlier so that they can sort the matters on priority basis. Due to such instances i feel ashamed to be a kannadiga and more over a bangalorean.

sen dil Jun 18th, 2010 11:35 AM

this kfcc are the great mad people . they block all big movies because they are afraid where their movie wont get the collection . so by blocking other movies they get paid through under table money from other industries . this people are not much talented  to give good movies wat other industries can do. So Mr Kuddiuraapa  wake up and ask the KFCC to pull up there Zip and ask not shake their nasty and smelly penios

Uma Jun 18th, 2010 11:19 AM

@aishie : yes i do agree with your comments.It is common to all blockbusters, to have some or other controversy just before launch. 
Finally we common people end up with hatred, hating neighbours  for some movies  and these industries, politicians gets benefited. 
Rich gets richer,  Poor gets poor !!!! 
So all chillout  :)

Aakash Jun 18th, 2010 11:19 AM

I am not sure....doing all these Idiotic things will help anywhy??..These ppl do not respect their National Language..then what do they respect....this is all dictatorship..only some ppl can decide our fate...
If India is 1 Country..then we should be only with Govt all over India..and not multiple...

AC Jun 18th, 2010 09:40 AM

KFCC are just a bunch of idiots.They feel that the only way the standard of Kannada movies with increase is by banning non-Kannada movies.Atleast then no one will know where the movies were copied from.Morons

aishie Jun 18th, 2010 09:13 AM

Chill People... We Indians have a habit of proving our importance at the last moment. It is common to all blockbusters, to have some or other controversy just before launch. 
So, lets not fight amongst each other. Thanks to all Kannidiga guys for letting us, non-kannadigas to live peacefully. But, isnt it our right already? This is one Nation and we must respect the diversity and the Unity within. Dividing ourselves with Regionalism will never help.
Lets unite and see the bright future..
All the Best. And be patient guys, you will get to see Raavan 

Guest Jun 18th, 2010 05:49 AM

Please mind your words when you speak about a language or a state. Because people of Karnataka are so friendly and tolerating all the non sense going around them done by non-Kannadigas (who have come from other states), it doesn't mean you can speak any shit you want about Kannadigas/ Karnataka. Who feels it is not fair or whatever crap just get the hell out of our place so that it is again as beautiful a state it was before u a******s arrived. Kannada movies are great and doing fine without you guys watching it. So just concentrate on getting lost to your place instead of using all the best things about this lovely state and the true inmates and talk ill about it/ them from whom you have got good things and only good things..... JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR STATE......

ravi kiran Jun 18th, 2010 02:35 AM

KFCC once again proven itself, that it cannot do any thing fairly/ without cheap tactics. It's really a shame on their part.

Vineesh Menon Jun 18th, 2010 02:09 AM

The rules has to change,this is no less than discrimination..All languages should be supported.
OK now will they ban English medium schools is more children go there ? OR will they ban International MNS because there are less ppl to work in state govt offices ?

Sreenath Jun 18th, 2010 12:50 AM

Just like no Sane Muslim would support Terrorism, no Sane Hindu would support Mutalik - likewise NO SANE KANNADIGA WOULD SUPPORT THIS F*

Deepa Murali Jun 17th, 2010 10:27 PM

Cum remake raavanan in kannada 

Sharad Jun 17th, 2010 10:15 PM

Retards on Earth !!!  Do we need anything more than this to harm bangalore's reputation.. not tat it is not destroyed already.. but what i cant understand is, hattu-ipattu varshakke ondu olle movie baratte, adakke KFCC ishtond scene madta ide andre bari tikka ganchali antha helthare !!!! Modlu olle movies maadi.. amele bere bhaashegala bagge maathadi.. iro onderadu olle kannada film-galannu odakke bidalla, ivru mathaadta idaare!!!

deepak Jun 17th, 2010 10:14 PM


jaikannada Jun 17th, 2010 10:09 PM

i will support BK..I hate those who hate karnatak and kannada...

AC Jun 17th, 2010 10:07 PM

KFCC sucks and sucks big time .Morons

ashwin Jun 17th, 2010 09:30 PM

Courts should take suo moto notice of this dangerous trend.  If these type of people are encouraged, Karnataka will lose its name in the world of tourism also.  Nobody will be willing to come here.  The keyword in this present world is people friendly.  All that is people friendly should be done and not the other way round.  Is there a government in Karnataka? Shame on you BJP for succumbing to fanatics. 

Nabeel N Jun 17th, 2010 09:28 PM

For you Kind Information I am Born Kannadiga.  I am not saying anything against any kannadiga or Any Indian's . These KFCC people should talk in Logic. First of all , all they knw to do is Copy the movies secondly these dikaats. At the End film Industries 

Debasis Jun 17th, 2010 09:03 PM

KFCC has created a bench mark for others. The brilliance with which Mr B C Patil (or any other shit head) has created this law should be given an award by the govt. He has the guts to stand against the people and has shown what dictatorship is. Its a matter of shame for all of us who are keeping quiet against this type of a rule which breaks down the meaning of being democratic. Mr Patil wake up. We know you are a huge fan of Hitler. But remember people will admire you if you do something really good. Just banning other language movies because you are not competent enough means how ridiculous your thoughts are. This is INDIA, a democratic country. You want to live here, be a democrat and leave the bitchy rules behind. Will you ban your kids to do excellent in studies just because you were insanely stupid??? Well no parent will think like that. Grow up uncle......

surya Jun 17th, 2010 09:02 PM

KFFC should bring a rule they will not remake any other languages movies and not allow any other state actors to act in kannada and will not send any actor from kannada industry to other state to survive and do it all individually without any support from others. Then I agree this rule also applies

Antony Jun 17th, 2010 08:30 PM

I saw comments like Non Kannadigas should be thrown out of Karnataka just bcoz they are sharing their views. I hope no Kannadiga lives outside Karnataka. If they do, then its high time for them to return to their native. How can you fools say these kind of things. I am from Kerala and there is no restriction on release of any language movies in our state but still our movies do pretty good business. So its not about other movies over taking Kannada movies. Its all about the quality of movies. Come up with sensible movies and people from other languages will also watch it. Be proud for the kind of good movies you make instead of forcing people to watch stupid movies or remakes from other languages. Find the root cause for your failure instead of banning good movies. Finally, please don't make this a state wise argument. Its not like Kannadigas only live in Karnataka. Those who are staying outside Karnatka might be ashamed of your comments. Think Indian. Be Indian.

Snorter. Jun 17th, 2010 07:44 PM

'Kannadiga' : I have a simple question for you. Will KFCC make up for the losses incurred by the theatre owners who screen a Kannada movie instead of any other movie from a different language? I am sure the single screen theatres and multiplexes would definitely screen movies that draw in audiences by the drove. When was the last time a Kannada movie created a rage?  All [Most] movies being churned out of the Kannada Film Industry are total crap. Telugu and Tamil movies releasing here get bigger openings than any Kannada movie does. That just shows that the people are fed up of stories having 'sentimentu'/'machhu'/'longu'. Most of the storylines are either cheesy or have too much violence. If Basant Patil and his cronies really want to improve the state of movies here then they need to make sure that quality movies are turned out. Audience has changed,they'll reject Bullshit. Look what happened with 'Nooru Janmaku' and 'Shankar IPS'. Everyone associated with those two movies made a big hullabaloo about 'Kites'. 'Kites' bombed at the Box office but did either of the Kannada movies that released that week even last after the first week? Did they have any day where their shows were completely Housefull? Will Basant Patil accept responsibility if one or more the theatres which were stopped from screening Raavan[Or any other movie from a different language] movie close down for good? I am sure he'll rub his hands off the issue all for the sake of 'Kannada's growth'. What he doesn't understand is that he is screwing up Kannadigas' lives,those working in theatres.

Abhilash Jun 17th, 2010 07:36 PM

It is just an eye wash on the noraml kannadiga people and get money from the producer/distributer. "One stone two mangos". We fools fights each other saying kannadiga, tamil, hindi, telugu and malayalam etc etc.. This movie will be screened all 24 screens on 18th or maximum by 19th without fail. And again when another good/hyped movies comes to hit the screen these KFCC will again jump to it and bargain for crores...he he. 

kumar Jun 17th, 2010 07:28 PM

anyway guys..... this is a big sad news for the fans of maniratnam like me.. planning to go to chennai to see the movie.... enjoy kannadigaas..... there is no place for indians here.....

krishna Jun 17th, 2010 07:03 PM

KFCC shud b treated to shows of movies like 'nirudyogi'!!!!' thamassu nannvanu hoo  and other such crap . then they will automatically allow raavan to release in All the theatres in the state to escape the torture

krishna Jun 17th, 2010 06:59 PM

K-karnataka F-fucking C-chamber C-of capitalism. someone should whack out bc patil"s peanut brain out of his head with a baseball bat, only then these problems wud stop. any volunteers to support me guys?

suresh Jun 17th, 2010 06:59 PM

your concerns are genuine. But answer me will stopping the release of non kannada movie be helpful? the only who can be benifitted are the pirated DVD sellers. They will make their money anyhow. But imagine those ppl who are working in cinema halls do you wish their family to starve. If KFC is so much concerned why dont they limit production of non friendly movies been producred in Kannada industry. The Tulu 

thala Jun 17th, 2010 06:30 PM

We too care for KFCC and kannada movies.
Without other friends support(Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam), ur mungaru male,yogi,...  these wouldnt be huge blockbusters.
So its clear that audience will receive any movie if its good in quality. simply dont tell, sandal wood producers/directors are screwed.
Toughness is there everywhere and the one who fight against it will win and make a kingdom.
Chumma nothing will come from sky
KFCC anyway sucks.Make way for Raavanan/Raavan/Villain

Sunil Jun 17th, 2010 06:10 PM

This is rediculus!! A movie is a movie, be it any language and its a source of entertainment. Why do we get a language dispute in between. Irrespective of how many theaters its played people would watch if its good and will ignore it if its bad, its a game of captalism. Why does KFCC come in between to alter the market. A move should bejudged purely based on the quality and not by language. Its like asking a competent athlet to start late in the race just because they are not able to compete with them. End of day lets all remember we are indians.

Kannadiga Jun 17th, 2010 05:04 PM

Hello Mr Satish and other kannadigas
Wonder how you are hesitate to tell that u r kannadiga from past few months.
Karnataka should repent for having kannadigas like you, here the moto of KFCC is clear its only to control illegal activities like showcasing in more then required theaters for survival of sandalwood and not to ban other movies.
You are very much bothered of other language/directors/tea wala/chappal wala..
Did you ever had a thought what kannda industry directors/actress/actor should do , they are not getting opportunities to grow ,infact they are getting screwed with already grown industries. i dont think kannada industry is only doing remakes.. They are many non remake good kannada movies which are not supported by peoples like you. which is more shamefull..
One thing i would like to make clear for you and other kannadigas, if you cannot respect your own mother tongue, own people , you are fit for nothing..
Do understand why exactly groups take such decisions..they will be definitly some meaning.. you people are only bothered of your entertainment.

Rohan Jalan Jun 17th, 2010 04:50 PM

How will banning Hindi Movies help KFCC to make people watch Kannada Movies???? The KFCC members and top notch people at Chamber needs to have a reality check... These people should stop being hypocritical... Its high time... We are living in 21st Century and not in 15th or 16th...

Shankara Jun 17th, 2010 04:33 PM

dont make this another India-Karnataka war plz. Guys understand one thing!! guys who dont want to work, become beggers. thats the easy option available. KFCC is begging its up to us we either drop a penny or ignore them. But only difference here is they put the knife on your kneck and ask you to pay... I dont know what the  Karnataka governovement doing!! not absoulutely people friendly.

Sathish Jun 17th, 2010 04:07 PM

Hello Kannadigas or Non Kannadiags,
Before coming from your mouth of any topics to shut/close the movie like Hindi/Telugu?Tamil.You have to understand how much time they have spend to finish the film and also money.You don't know about the money value because your sitting in Ac rooms with unknown person watch the film like me or anyone else money,your enjoying the valuse and chitchatting about human beings.Bloody hell can't u understand the feelings of all the people,not only watching the film.Everyone will suffer audience,producer,distributor,cycle stand wala.It's chain like,Hey KFCC we are always support the kannada films for your kind information.How much we have given response for mungar male,aa dinagalu,cynaide.
Before intimating to anyone think abt yourself how much your genuine or correct minded.Bloody hell your annoying people.I'm hesitate to tell kannadiga from past few months.So many of my friends are asking abt this type questions.I'm ashame to tell falthu answers to them.
Useless fellows are creating this stuff.One guy has mentioned that shut our mouth in above comments.Who the hell are you to say.If u doesn't want just read and kept quiet.
Take care of your words.
Kannadiga or tamilian or telugu or not important we are indians buddy.

WTF Jun 17th, 2010 04:07 PM

ridiculous !! idiots cannot still realize that no one would watch any movie in any language if the movie is harmful to any one watching it. There is not even a single movie which is watchable in kannada and these idiots want us to stop watching some of the good movies which are being released. They doing like this will only lead to many more people not watching any kannada movies. If they want to promote kannada movies then they should do it by releasing some watchable movie and not the way it is being done by the KFCC idiots

Amit Jun 17th, 2010 03:34 PM

TALBANISATION!!!!! Where is Democracy???????????????Who the hell are they to decide what movies should release in how many theatres!!!!!!???
KFCC sucks.......(don't want to use more abusive words!!)

saurabh Jun 17th, 2010 03:23 PM

wat's wrong are u out of your mind. u can't force someone to  watch shit.jst want to say fuck off kfcc

suresh Jun 17th, 2010 03:16 PM

Mr patil,
if you are reading this, if you can answer my question. What is your take on those remake movies, shouldn't you treat them as OLF becuase they also fall under the same category as you have made to Raavan and Raavanan. If you have any little sense Raavan and Raavanan are 2 movies with same story, different cast, language. Just like how the remade kannada movies are done. 
I demand an answer for this. if you are stopping Raavan then pls restrict those remade kannada movies as well at least few innocent ppl will save their hard earned money, than saying "remake chitra nodo karma namage". Its shameful that your allies like Rockline Venkatesh shamelessly funds for remake movies.

suresh Jun 17th, 2010 03:11 PM

it looks like the chairman of KFC is earning more money from the pirated DVD sellers than those from the cinema halls. 
Can this chairman restrict Kannada directors from copying movies from other languages? Can he restrict the directors to make movies with out longu, machhu, rowdy sheeters? While the underworld of Bangalore is very limited but watching a Kannada movie can create terror of what os being shown.
Definitely I am against those horrible Kannada movies that are made. Do we still have to wait for Yograj Bhat, Dinesh Babu, Agni Shridhar to come up with good movies?  

Kannadiga Jun 17th, 2010 03:01 PM

KFCC is right....
Non-kannadigas only enjoyed the scene when the kannada movie "Antaratma" was not promoted to watch by non kannadigas which was running full house in PVR. 
No moves will run full house if its not good. 
KFCC is not banning the movie completely, its having control on illegal activities and helping the kannada industry to grow up...you people should understand this better , if you cannot then shut your mouths...

Murali Krishnan Jun 17th, 2010 02:59 PM

This is ridiculous!!!! This KFCC sits in AC as said by someone above.. And wait for this kind of moment and come up with Bull-shit plans... When there are beautiful movies like Raavan / Raavanan (tamil) are made, these monks should promote the movies... It doesn't mean that we are asking to stop Kannnada movies. Yes, make good movies, people will watch automatically. Instead, this is no right way to oppose or promote kannada movies. -KFCC, it is for you--- You people say "Kannada cinemada jeevavannu ulisa beku. Ulisikolli. Chennagiro ciname madidare  yaaru swami nodadhe iruthaare???????" (Save the life of kannada cinemas. Yea, pls save. Make good movies and people go watch automatically, tell who will not.) I am a non-kannadiga, but i luv watching kannada movies too.. but i dont get any good movies at all... not worth watching any of them... I want this particualr KFCC to step down. Change the crap rules. tell me one thing frankly, how many kannada movies are showed outside karnataka? Any one banning it?? Think wisely, not as kannadigaz or tamilians, etc etc. You too as an indian should learn how to respect, promote other kanguage movies. I'm dead sure, the KFCC committe members will themselves watch those movies.. but will not audiences to watch. What a crap rule are this KFCC making.. what are they trying to prove.. we citizens cant even do anything? Finally, we can just request and ask, why cant both versions be released. Not only this, every good movies that are gonna get released as well... Huh!! Sick people -KFCC!!! :-(

kanakaraju Jun 17th, 2010 02:50 PM

You started selling milk from your cow, later you become greedy and mixed water into it. So people turned away from it and opted for packet milk. Now you want packet milk to be banned to sell and profit from water mixed milk.
This is what KFCC is doing

prasanna Jun 17th, 2010 02:48 PM

If KFCC have guts to make one Kannada movie on thier own without the infulence of any other language movie then they can put this restictions. Use less idiots always live on remake and entire Kannada movies are depending on either Tamil or Telugu movie release. Guys who dont have confidence on them only put restrictions for others talent. Good Job KFCC... Carry on. Atleast take one movie on your own for a year.

A Jun 17th, 2010 02:45 PM

First of all the KFCC has lost its credibility now by resorting to cheap tactics it is destroying the image of the state too. People watch other language movie because they hate the quality of Kannada movies, understand that.

Midhun Ben Thomas Jun 17th, 2010 02:44 PM

KFCC is being totally unreasonable..the only way to improve Kannada film industry is to come up with good movies rather than blocking the screening of other languages.If the quality improves the audience will welcome the kannada movies with open arms but until then this is just goin to be in the doldrums no matter whatever KFCC does!!!

Santosh Jun 17th, 2010 02:34 PM

What non sense, if you want to survive make good films, if somebody has tried to make a good movie, please let the people watch it

bikatron Jun 17th, 2010 02:32 PM

Cannot believe Kannada industry doing such things.. first of all there are no single good movies..all movies are crap.. I am not saying this but most of the Kannadigas tell this..and over that the KFCC force the people not to see any other language movies.. pathetic industry.. what KFCC is not realising is that even if they ban other language movies, no one is still going to watch Kannada movies.. the theatres are still going to be empty no matter what

Arun Jun 17th, 2010 02:29 PM

It is like football game. When the Group A (Kannada film industry) is not able to perform well and win the match then there next intention will be to stop the opponent (other language film industries)from reaching the goal. This is absolutely ridiculous. 

Girish M Jun 17th, 2010 02:20 PM

This is not the way to promote regional movies. Treat other movies as indian movies and compete each other. Increase the quality of the film by learning from what you are laggin. This is a shameful way of doing it. I condemn this to a great extent. Let the audience choose and dont force. Show some democracy. There is nothing wrong in learning from tamil movies as they are at peaks already.

indian Jun 17th, 2010 01:56 PM

@Kannadiga : no body is against kannada or kannadigas.. but then this is ridiculous that they want people to be forced to watch bad movies... let audience decide which movie they wanna watch. not some fools who are part of the most stupid organisation KFCC sitting in an AC room !! ask them if they themselves watch kannada movie!!!

Kash Jun 17th, 2010 01:53 PM

Why these guys making politics on all the things.. Nice things should be encouraged despite of the language.. that s not happening.If they cant produce good, then allow the others.. just by stopping the good ones, they should not think of making profit for their language films. It will not happen for sure.

Ramy Jun 17th, 2010 01:48 PM

KFCC will have to start looking towards the people's interest, one cannot claim winning a race if he is running alone. Infact, 60% of audiences for these movies are kannadigas, they love watching these movies and do respect and appreciate good movies...this kind of behavior just stops people from showing interests in any films produced in the sandal wood industry

baskar Jun 17th, 2010 01:36 PM

Absolute idiots!
KFCC has gone mad.. These stupid monkeys have no better work in Life to do. They should remember that Govt gets tax money from Non Kannada movies . wake up Yeddiruaapa wake up

anupama harish Jun 17th, 2010 01:33 PM

cant make even one movie worth mentioning, pathetic kannada film  industry  resorting to these tactics, if u want to prove something, make at least one good movie a year!!!!

Renjini Jun 17th, 2010 01:27 PM

For any film lovers, its a bad news for sure. Its a very bad decision from KFCC.Banning the release of this movie doesnt promote regional movies. Only way to promote kannada movies is to make good movies which are worth to watch. Good movies like mungaru male, milana etc were apprecaited not only by the people from karnataka. I too watch kannada movies if its really good. But defenitley not the movies those are a wastage of time. I'm waiting for this Raavan movie to release from long time n its very sad to hear that it cant be watched:-( Pls dont misunderstand that its for the sake of AB.. Not at all. I'm dying to see just for Vikram, Mani Ratnam n AR n also the beautiful locations. I had planned from long back to watch both Raavan n Raavanan on the same day. N now its like ???? N seeing the trailers, i'm going crazy to watch both the version of these movies...Hope something gud would turn out in next few hrs.. But for sure this movie is gonna be a  block buster. 

Uma Jun 17th, 2010 01:07 PM

Its wondefull !!!!!!!!!!!
well done BK Patil.
Its absolutly required now to control take over and hindrance
And you non-kannadigas should control yourself for being more exited....If you are sick of watching non-kannada  movies you can do so in your hometown..
Any way we still tolerating you horrible idiots in karnataka , you will soon face the day where you all will be kicked off, if you continue

deepa Jun 17th, 2010 01:02 PM

Horrible Idiots.... There is not single worthy movie made(except Naanu Nanna Kanasu) that is worth watching in this goddamned sandalwood industry... yet we r forced to watch!! Shame on U fools!!

Kannadiga Jun 17th, 2010 01:00 PM

Nabeel N and Siddharth
you should control your tongues , before you speak something negative against kannadigas....

suresh Jun 17th, 2010 12:54 PM

hallo BK patil,
swami Kannadadavru ondu sariyagi swanta cinema maadalla. Maadidru adu innyavdo bhashe remake. Will you treat the same remake movies as same non-kannada movie and restrict the release. Disgusting that you are born on the same land as me. 

Shivas Jun 17th, 2010 12:51 PM

Well done KFCC! way to go....  let those mad fans of stupid Ahishek die for not getting to watch the movie

Suresh Jun 17th, 2010 12:50 PM

this is what would happen if power goes to wrong hands. Those fools cant even produce a single movie that is worth watching in Kannada. Damn hell am I living in KSA? 
lo KFCC goobegala taakat idre ondu Raavn antha chitra maadro nodona. bari auto drivers, real estate goondagaLa story cinema aagodilvo BC Paatela.

Siddharth Jun 17th, 2010 11:47 AM

Absolute idiots!

Nabeel N Jun 17th, 2010 10:56 AM

KFCC has gone mad.. These stupid monkeys have no better work in Life to do. They should remember that Govt gets tax money from Non Kannada movies . wake up Yeddiruaapa wake up

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