Three Bangalore Companies in India’s best Companies to work for!

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading business news paper three of Bangalore’s top IT companies figure in the list of India’s best Companies to work for in 2010.

Bangalore is Asia's Silicon Valley because
of its thriving information technology industry. Bangalore is India's fifth - largest and fastest - growing city. And according to a recent survey conducted by a leading business news paper three of Bangalore’s top IT companies figure in the list of India’s best Companies to work for in 2010.

The study "India's Best Companies To Work For" reports on how companies have nurtured their human capital in the face of the downturn, while taking some bold initiatives to maintain the topline and bottomline growth. Out of the 10 Companies short listed, the three top Companies in Bangalore are NetApp India, Intel Technologies India and Google India Pvt Ltd. And here is the detailed report on why these Companies made it to the Top ten list.

NetApp India
Profile: Information Storage Products; Employees: 1042
Location: Bangalore; Founded in India: 1992
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:4.51; Voluntary turnover: 5.95%

Set foot into NetApp India's headquarters in Bangalore and chances are ping-pong balls would be whizzing past your head, football passes glide through cubicles, this is a place definitely not for those who consider their work-life as part of a calibrated approach.

Yet, this is also a zone where people rarely complain about pay and not getting a fair share of profits. That is because employees here enjoy a large degree of flexibility and feel involved in decisions that impact them.

For one, there are no boss-isms here, as long as employees realise the value of certain codes of conduct, like candor and responsibility, which if belittled, would mean bailing themselves out from the firm with immediate effect. Employees interact with the firm's India President Vikram Shah almost every Friday over the religiously conducted beer bash.

Intel Technologies India

Profile: Information
Technology; Employees: 2,430
Location; Bangalore; Founded in India: 1988
Gender Ratio (F/M):1:3.99; Voluntary turnover: 4.4%

Intel Inside is not just a cold technology-driven statement of purpose. At least, not for the rank and file at Intel, aptly dubbed Intellites. Intel Inside is something that drives them through avenues that have little to do with microprocessors and clock speeds.

For instance, painting the walls of a school in the neigbourhood. Or, enrolling for cooking classes. "It is about having fun while you work, which is practiced universally throughout the organisation," says R Anish, the company's South Asia HR director.

A transparent system is also a boon for any new recruit. An average Intellite claims to go out of his way to make a fresher feel welcome. Call it baptism by hire, a sense of warmth and camaraderie is instilled at the workplace from Day Zero.

The absence of walled cubicles and department heads sharing their workspace with interns is not surprising considering Intel's egalitarian work culture. The company also has its New Orientation Programme Targeting to bring the best on board. For Intel, every intern is an asset.

Besides, each year, the number of innovation disclosures filed and accepted at the chip major is on the increase. So the Intel India Innovation Award was developed to recognize contributors who have achieved technical/non-technical excellence through innovation, by going beyond operational excellence.

Google India Pvt Ltd
Profile: Online Search, Online Advertising & Online
Employees: 1,259; Location: Bangalore
Founded in India: 1998
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:0.99; Voluntary turnover: 30%

It was an accidental misspelling that got Google its name but that's where the accidents end at the Google headquarters in RMZ Infinity, Bangalore. "Any good place to work is no accident," says Manoj Varghese, the APAC HR director. "And it's not just about beanbags."

Googlers work hard at making their workplace rock. At a time when break-out spots and recreational zones have started to become almost de rigueur, Googlers have taken it one step further: to the washrooms!

That explains the quaint "learning in the loo" concept where employees write about innovations, strategies and best practices on the inside of washroom doors. "It is one place where everyone reads. So why not?" argues Varghese. Innovation isn't just limited to product development and patenting; employees apply the 'I' mantra to their workplace too.

The gates of Google are open for just a few, thanks to a rigorous seven-step recruitment process that ensures the right cultural fit. The company even creates competitions to attract the best brains from top Indian colleges. For the lucky ones who make it, the Google experience awaits.

Part of that unique culture is spending at least 20% of their working time thinking about the next big thing and 10% in coming up with completely outlandish ideas. "It is a humbling experience being a Googler. Your ego goes for a toss because you are surrounded by the best," says Jagjit Chawla, technical programme manager, who has been working with the firm for the past three years.

Source: ET
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praveen Jan 16th, 2011 08:16 PM

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I am in seek of a good firm where I can provide them a good service and grow with the company.

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i am in seek of a good firm where i can provide a good service and grow with the company.

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i am in my final sem , and this is a critical phase for placements.
please guide me towards my career growth

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Srinivas Jun 22nd, 2010 03:54 PM

No wonder all are US MNC, never dream to see an Infy.tcs or wipro here. Indian companies dont go to the next level because they have not realized the importance of human capital..

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