Blogger Interview: Maria Goretti discovers her hidden passion for food

Former MTV VJ and TV host Maria Goretti blogs as she bakes, and swears by her chocolate muffins and macaroons. She definitely writes from her heart!

Maria Goretti discovers her passion through her blogMaria Goretti discovers her passion through her blog Photo:Juliet Albuquerque

“For the longest part of my life, in fact
for as long as I can remember the one constant love in my life has been chocolates, I devour chocolates when I’m happy, excited, sad, mad, bad, crazy, hungry, starving, weeping, before sleeping...well I hope you getting the drift,” swears the chocoholic and celebrity blogger Maria Goretti.

The Foodie
Maria Goretti has always been a food aficionado. She grew up in a house where generous food was offered at almost any time of the day. “There was just so much food at home and I grew up in the middle of all the cooking. At that point of time I was very happy just eating them, learning to cook was never my realm,” says Maria who lives her present wearing the chef cap every single day of her life.

Delicious desserts from Maria's kitchen - Yummy! Delicious desserts from Maria's kitchen - Yummy!

Her Journey
When her BFF Jaya sampled Maria’s cooking, she was amazed with her culinary expertise and advised her to start a blog which would help her keep an archive of her fabulous cooking. “ Another close friend Mini Mathur called me immediately after watching the film Julie and Julia, she said it reminded her of my cooking. And when I watched the film, I was so inspired by the character that I decided to  blog,” recalls Maria who started blogging exactly a year ago.

Maria slowly discovered her hidden love for cooking and would often experiment in the kitchen to feed her tiny tot Zeke. But it was during her second pregnancy that she really began writing. “When I was pregnant with Zene I really had nothing much to do. And I really loved the process of cooking. Had I realized ‘the’ love earlier in my life I would have certainly gone mainstream,” says Maria who was just in the middle of preparing chocolate muffins and burgers for Zeke’s friends.

Baking Rules
Baking has thought Maria Goretti three things i.e. love, precision and patience. “Baking is a process where you have to add and mix every single ingredient with a lot of love. Precision is extremely important; as each and every single ingredient has to be added in its right quantity. A little less or a little more of something can simply ruin your dessert. Patience is the mantra here. If your cake takes 45 mins to bake then you just can’t really do much about it before that. You just have to wait.”

Battling the Weight
The whimsical aroma from her kitchen often lingers around in the house which welcomes her family and friends. “I have completely spoilt my kids and they are so used to it now that they often say, ‘Mom, Oh! no please don't cook that...make something else instead,” she winks. With so much time spent in the kitchen making the sinful desserts and other delights, Maria surely is complaining about her weight gain, “I had put on around five kgs with all the eating. It’s been really difficult for me but I have given up eating the love of my life (chocolate) for a while now,” says Maria who wants to master the art of traditional Indian cooking.

Visit Maria's blog to try her fantastic recipes:

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Nutan Jul 20th, 2011 11:24 AM

What is basa? Some kind of fish? I love your writing as much as your recipes. Have been reading for some time now, thanks, thanks.

Visakha Jun 16th, 2011 07:35 PM

This cake is looking fabulous..very beautiful :)

DAMIEN FERNANDES Jun 15th, 2011 11:39 AM

I have really enjoyed every cake and pastry made at her home, and have even packed some for me to enjoy at my home.
She is really fantastic.

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