Carlton Towers might never see the light of day

The owner body of Carlton Towers and the BBMP is in a tug of war. The owner association wants the building re-opened for business, but the BBMP is far from being convinced.

The Carlton Towers tragedy is embarked on the mind of every Bangalorean. The goriness of that day is unforgettable. Even today the mere mention of the tragedy gives a shudder. But today the million dollar question is- Is Carlton Tower ready to start again? Fire at Carlton Towers in February last year had claimed lives, leaving Bangaloreans panic stricken. Now more than a year later, the owners of Carlton claim that it is ready for business.

The owners had approached the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) with the request to reopen Carlton Towers and claim to have renovated the building in accordance with safety norms. But the BBMP doesn’t seem to be convinced. The copy of the representation given to the BBMP states that modifications have been done with fire safety systems; new electrical connections have been installed. Five new lifts have also been introduced. A permanent power connection is yet to come. The illegal generator sets on the terrace of the building which again were a threat, have been removed. The scattered generators have been relocated.

The owner body assures to renovate the basement according to the original sanction plan. Abiding by the fire department's instructions, the six meter clearance has been provided and hindrances have been removed. The association has requested the BBMP to regularize the three restaurants on the ground floor, TGIF, Bombay Post and Indijoe as they do not cause safety or security problems.

But the BBMP is not at all persuaded. BBMP states that the representation given by them is pretty unconvincing as it has contradictions. “They want us to overlook the very issues to which we had objections earlier” says a BBMP official. The question which strikes now is, will people be able to resume work at a place which has seen such a gruesome tragedy?

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