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Chat with wellness expert Namita Jain about food, diet and health

You may have tried dieting before, but have you ever managed to change your shape in just four weeks? And what is the right nutrition intake for teens? Namita Jain, a renowned wellness expert throws light on these issues.

A healthy lifestyle, glowing skin and a
well-toned body: the new mantra for the health conscious! Who doesn't want to look good? And what if you could also learn the secret to a healthy lifestyle? Author Namita has two consecutive book releases this month that covers various health-related topics for teens and adults. In the book Figure it Out: The Ultimate Guide to Teen Fitness, she shows how teens can reshape their life by eating and exercising right. In her second book, The Four-Week Countdown Diet, she draws on her experience of twenty years as a weight management and fitness specialist to design a diet regime that you can easily work into your everyday schedule.

And if you follow it properly, you could drop a trouser size a month, or maybe even two! What's more, there is no need to run to the grocery store for unheard- of ingredients, no elaborate preparations, no tasteless, colourless dishes that force you to give up in despair. Namita Jain is a highly respected authority in the wellness industry. She holds prestigious international certifications in several fitness-related disciplines and has been actively involved in the wellness space for over twenty years. Inspired by fitness as a healthy lifestyle choice, Namita launched her brand, Jaldi Fit, now a rapidly growing name in fitness products and services. We get talking to the author about her two latest releases.

MyB: Figure It Out is the first book that's exclusively written keeping the teens in mind, how did this book happen?

When I was working at the Bombay Hospital, I used to get a lot of queries from parents about diet and nutrition related to teens. And that’s when I realized that there wasn’t a single book that catered to the specific needs of teens. Also teenage (13 -19) is the period when the body undergoes major changes. There are a lot of physical changes in the body including growth and puberty and eating right during this time is especially important because the body needs the right amount of nutrition. The fitness and nutrition requirements of this phase are different from those of adults and hence must be approached uniquely. Proper nutrition and exercise can help teens feel better about themselves and about their changing bodies. It is important to fuel the body's physical changes with good foods and to encourage its healthy development with physical activity.

What is the right age for teens to start gymming?
Anyone above the age of 13 can start gymming. But when I say gymming, I’m talking about exercising and not heavy weight lifting.  It could be just another form of exercise, like doing yoga or a session of karate. But the most important thing is to make sure the trainers are certified instructors. A qualified coach will be able to recommend an effective workout plan that suits the body type and will also effectively supervise the exercise routine. This avoids any possibility of injury, mostly caused by overuse and incorrect technique. Also, kids shouldn’t over exercise and taking supplements of any kind to build the body or develop muscle mass is a big NO!

What are some of the other topics covered in the book?
The book is an indispensable handbook for parents and teens and tells you how to fight the fat, rate your fitness quotient, remodel your body, build up stamina, snack sensibly, tackle body changes during puberty and even get the coveted 6-pack abs.

Why do you think teenagers these days are so obsessed with weight loss?
Modern culture is youth-centered, but it does not provide an environment that is nurturing or supportive for the healthy growth and development of our kids. Looks and appearance are the criteria by which kids are being judged today. Magazines emphasize on frivolous topics like makeup, fashion, weight loss but not on sports, hobbies or healthy body image attitudes. Through this book I identify the cultural, social and emotional issues facing kids today and how these issues collide, resulting in a generation of kids afraid to eat.

What is your book ‘The Four-week Countdown Diet’ all about?
I’m totally against fad diets, they do more harm than good. Also old habits die hard and you can’t start following a new diet regime right from day one. You need to ease your way into the diet and that’s what I focus in this book.  In week one, you cut down on dinner week two, breakfast is trimmed. In week three, in-betweens are restricted. By week four, lunch is modified. So by the end of four weeks, you are in full control of what you eat. Also this diet uses vegetables and masalas found in every Indian kitchen to create meals that are oil-free, calorie- free, yet delicious to eat. The recipes involve minimum fuss, yet add that irresistible aroma to your food without the oil.

The Four-week Countdown Diet also includes:
*Diet and workout plans suited to your individual needs
* Tips on how to stock your kitchen and bar
* Easy-to-make recipes
* Simple exercises you can do at home
* Everything you need to know about spas, saunas and weight-loss gadgets
* Real life examples from clients

What is the first step to leading a healthy life?
Determination! Without determination things are not of any value. Without the strength of will to succeed, it's difficult to make the effort when you just don't feel like it. Determination and persistence are the most important variables in the weight loss equation.

Diet or exercise? Which is more important?
Both are equally important! If you don’t follow the right diet, your exercise won’t yield any results. You just need to eat and exercise right for a healthy and sound life.
Both the books are priced at Rs. 199. Grab a copy and figure out what your body needs so you can look your best. She can be reached through her websites, and

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pragyesh vyas Jul 14th, 2011 02:13 PM

i would like to order the book " the Four week countdown diet".
plz give me detail for it.

kiran Jul 13th, 2011 02:43 PM

Dear Namita,
I am a 41 years old working woman. i have a 13 years old daughter. my height is 5.1" and weight is 54.50kg. i have to work from morning 5.45 to till 11.00pm at night. what diet should i take so that i can be energetic full day. also pls. give some suggestion for my 13 years old daughter, as she is healthy but looks thin.

neeraj vasant Jul 13th, 2011 08:28 AM

hi namita , would like to order ur book..plz mail the detail

Kanchan Pandhre Jun 23rd, 2011 04:33 PM

I would like to order a copy of the book The Four-Week Countdown Diet.

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