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Enjoy a peaceful getaway at Mother Sanctuary

Have oodles of fun amidst nature at Sanctuarry is a fabulous place to unwind right in the heart of the city.

Want to take a mid-week break to
capitulate your soul in the beauty of Mother Nature and wondering where to go? Then simply pull up to Sanctuarry, where you can explore, unwind, relax, farm, play and do so much more in the lap of nature. Sanctuarry in Whitefield is spread over an acre which boasts of around 90 trees providing the luminous green cover at the venue. It is a great place to break the shackles of the hustle bustle of the city and take time off to rejuvenate your sore body and mind with your friends and family.

It was started exactly a year ago by Rasheda, who was on a look out for safe environs where her three year old can play without any hassle. “I wanted a place where I and my child can have some time to bond. And that’s exactly when I came across a blessing in disguise (my mentor) who helped me find a place in the neighbourhood. There was a need for my child to go out and mingle with other children and the same was needed for me. Because the routine of bringing up a child can be so overwhelming that you just forget your own life for a few years,” says Rasheda the founder of Sanctuarry.

At Sanctuarry you will be spoilt for choices. It offers a variety of in-house activities which as their main attraction. One can indulge in animal petting and animal therapy with ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats and sheep. “A lot of kids of this generation hardly get a chance to see the animals except in the text books or the internet. We also have camel rides, bullock cart rides which really attract the kids.”

They also have a walk-in bird cage, an art shed where children can let their imagination soar. “We take all the kids to the shed where they can paint the walls. And every kid loves to paint the walls, something they can’t do in their own house. The kids totally love playing with colours and it is a huge hit item,” says Rasheda.

They also have fun activities like trampoline, a tree house, tree climbing, cycling tracks, a mini football field and sandpit. They have an organic garden where you can try your hands in farming. “We grow all kind of vegetables and we have different kinds of trees spread over the land. The summer season makes the place even more beautiful as you can see ripe mangoes almost at every nook and corner. You can pluck them and rejoice its taste like never before.”

Apart from all of the above mentioned activities Sanctuarry also has a separate play area where you can leave your kids. They also have a host of workshops for both kids and their folks which add a holistic touch to the entire experience. Sanctuarry is perfect for you and your family. You can dance, play, paint and do almost anything you like all under one roof.
Entry fee is Rs.150
Timings: 10 AM - 6 PM.
Days: Tuesday to Sunday
Monday Holiday

Mother Sanctuary

3 kms from Wipro Head Office,
Sarjapur, Bangalore -560035 Map

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Nilanjana Aug 30th, 2011 05:37 PM

Its a very sad place. Not really a place to unwind.

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